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Come join us for canyoneering and waterfall rappelling!

What's a typical trip like? A typical trip involves hiking/bushwhacking to the top of a water course and following it down by rappelling multiple waterfalls (some over 100'), down-climbing, slippery boulder hopping, and bushwhacking. Swims are possible, deep wading probably, and there's always lots of getting splashed on.

NEC is not a guiding or training service. All trips are member organized and you are solely responsible for your own safety.

All participants must be, at minimum:

• Strong hikers able to navigate off-trail and bushwhack across difficult terrain (scree, unstable slopes, slippery stream beds, boulder fields, etc) with heavy ropes and gear.

• Experienced rappellers able to negotiate challenging overhangs, loose rocks, water, slippery footing, and other hazards. Having rappelled once or twice is not "experienced".

• Knowledgeable enough to safety check anchors, rigging, knots and each other.

What about less experienced members?

You can join the meetup, but cannot come on trip without proper training. NEC is not a guiding or instructional service and does not provide training.

The best way to get started is to take a 3 day course from a professional instructor in the Zion, Moab, or Los Angeles areas. Unfortunately there are no instructors on the East Coast.

The second best way is to learn rappelling and anchor building from another sport like technical caving, ice climbing, mountaineering, or outdoor rock climbing (rocks gyms do not count). Canyoneering techniques and equipment are a little different but the foundation skills are enough to join our trips.

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