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The purpose of this group is to bring together like-minded individuals that have an interest in gaining knowledge, acquiring new skills and networking with other like-minded individuals that are survivalists and preppers.

Our goal is to prepare for most disaster scenarios whether they are natural or man-made. We will be using a combination of presentation groups and hands-on training. Attendees will need to bring at least a multi-tool or Swiss army knife to all meetings. Other types of necessary equipment will be specified in the event announcements. I will not be able to accommodate people that don't have the required gear. If an all day wilderness training is scheduled and you don't bring your own food and water, you may be asked not to participate.

We will be covering a wide range of topics including everything from basic survival skills to long term survival. Along with the skills you will also need the tools to survive. Although I'm not an advocate of 'Naked and afraid' type survival, I can demonstrate the skills that would be needed in a similar situation. I just ask that nobody goes to the meetings naked.

As the group progresses I plan on scheduling several overnight trips and camp and training weekends. Most of the meetings will be held at various locations that relate to the training topic. I would also like to form groups of people who live in a specific area that would want to work together and help each other in a SHTF situation. Ultimately I would like to see a network of these small groups stretched across the region.

This is not a doom and gloom type group. By gaining the knowledge, skills and tools for survival, you should not have to be afraid for your life in a disaster situation. Rather, this is a confidence building group. Sometimes even a little bit of fun can reinforce skills memorization.

We do not discriminate against age, sex, race, religion, or political affiliation. Members are expected to show courtesy and respect to other members regardless of any individual differences.

I plan on holding meetings every other Sunday even if it's just a discussion group. Fortunately we live in an area with an abundance of places to pick up new skills so we should be out and about quite often. I will try to keep events scheduled for at least three months at a time but they may be subject to change so check back often.

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