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Florida Earthskills Gathering

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This is NOT a preparedness meeting, but a great way to learn preparedness and ethnobotony skills for Fl. living. Must register to attend. You can attend for the day or for the full weekend.

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"Florida Earthskills Gathering takes place February 6-9, 2014" With 75 nationally recognized instructors, there are plenty of activities for adults and kids, including palm thatching, friction fire, basket weaving, plant and mushroom identification, hide tanning, herbal medicine, wood carving, food preservation, and much more.

Instructors and Classes:

As an introduction to the event, here is a list of some of the instructors and classes that have been offered over the past two years at the Florida Earthskills Gathering.
7Song: Herbal first aid, Herbal medicine, Medicinal botany, Wildcrafting
Alex Kilgore: Bow drill friction fire
Alexander Ojeda: Fire starting, Permaculture gardening, Rainwater harvesting
Alina Ahh Ever: Foraging, Cooking wild foods
Andy Hemmings: Atlatl throwing, Primitive tools
Aunt Maggie: Stick loom weaving
Barron Brown: Spoon and bowl carving, Net tying, Goat butchering, Wooden comb carving
Becky Beyer: Net tying, Garden Planning
Billy Willow: Rustic furniture making
Catherine Stinson: Kundalini yoga, Herbal medicine making
Chad Ananda: Plant-derived smoke
Chaz Meissner: Bicycle repair
Chuck Thomson: Humanure composting, Tree climbing for kids
Claude van Order: Flint knapping, Primitive technology
Colleen Casey: Sewing with wool felt, Papermaking, Crochet
Connor: Beekeeping
CoreyPine Shane: Medicinal plants, Plant walk for kids
Critter Watts: Knots
Davey Rogner: Non-consumer lifestyles
David Goodman: Survival gardening in Florida
David Hoffman: Body paint, Survival shelter
David Shebalin: Buckskin clothing, Flint knapping, Bow drill friction fire
Denielle Webb: Natural plant dyes for kids, Bamboo tipi for kids
Didi Wildrover: Traditional foods, Natural birth and parenting
Donnie Wilkerson and Jonathan Ahlers: Primitive arrow making, Bow bundle construction
Doug Elliott: Weed walk, Storytelling, Palm basketry
Elyssa Serrilli: Financial and social permaculture, Poi for all ages
Emily Faulkner: Natural water filtration
Emily Ruff: Herbal medicine, Lunar rhythms for healing and gardening
Eric Blevins and Johanna Anderson: Thai massage, Community connections for survival
Fuz Sanderson: Didgeridoo making, Coal burn spoons, Mussel shell knives, Naturalist walk
Grant Adkison: Nature chi kung, Tai chi push hands, Combat skills
Green Deane Jordan: Wild edible plants
Jamie Sparks: Flat felting, Dimensional felting, Felting medicine bags
Jeff Gottlieb: Trade circle, Cordage, Moccasins, Knife and tool sharpening, Naturalist walk
Jimmy Gregory: Hide tanning
Joe and Connor: Rocket stoves and ovens, Making bio-char
Joel Cimarron: Rawhide sandals, Natural camouflage, Feral fitness
John Patterson: Spring-pole lathe wood turning
José and Francis: Tempe making
Josh: Clay ovens and rocket stoves
Karan Newman: Palm weaving and origami
Karen Sherwood: Vegetable fermentation
Kate Taluga: Muskogee Indian traditions of womanhood, Kids activities
Keith Grenoble: Primitive pottery, Rock hunt
Ken Crouse: Collecting and identifying mushrooms
Khalsa Aquatica and Sadie Ranen: Yoga and psychic anatomy for healing
Leah Fox: Building a fairy house, Story hour for kids
Lee Pinkerson: Native American history, Native American circle dance
Lena: Leather pouches, Cordage
Liat: Miso fermentation, Cob construction
Luke Learning Deer: Tracking and nature skills
Marc Williams: Ethnobotany, Fermented sodas and meads
Mateo: Water catchment designs and systems, Hoop-house growing systems, Yoga
Matt Hansen: Fat candles and lamps, Primitive tattoo
Maya Crumb: Basic cob construction, Fermentation
Mel Norris: Cast net throwing
Michael Stevens: Collecting and identifying mushrooms
Mystri Barnhill: Rag rug braiding, Sewing and mending, Canning
Nancy Gildersleeve: Vine baskets, Pine needle baskets, Palm weaving, Sash weaving
Natalie Bogwalker: Eco-homesteading 101, Buckskin clothing
Nate Brown: Archery range with instruction
Oliver Moore: Grafting fruit trees, Edible mushroom propagation, Food forest
Patrick Ironwood: Entheogenic plants, Partner stretching, Wax earplugs
Reid Tillery: Wilderness navigation
Robert Wilson: Dutch oven cooking, Florida living history, Trapper trades
Robin and Gus: Cane flute making
Sara Henry: Palm leaf and fiber cordage, Cordage for kids
Sarah Stokes and Megan Gemma: Herbal medicine, Natural birth
Shon Law and Sheila Barksdale: Aikido martial arts
Sky and Bill Roberts: Blacksmithing
Snow Bear Taylor: Bamboo craft, Yucca cordage, African Drumming, Drumming for kids
Susan Marynowski: Herbal medicine making, Contra dance calling
Swamp Man: Tracking, Trapping, Finding water, Survival shelter
Talcon: Rawhide containers, Fertility awareness
Tony and Maureen: Mushroom log inoculation, Grafting fruit trees
Willy TheLosen: Log working, Palm thatching

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