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Appleseed Rifle Marksmanship Clinic

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This is NOT a preparedness meeting, but a great way to learn rifle marksmanship for anyone that is interested.

YOU MUST RSVP TO ATTEND THIS EVENT! Event can be cancelled if not enough participants.

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Did you know that most rifles can shoot far better than their owners? Are you confidant that you can reliably hit targets out to 500 yards with your rifle---without using a bi-pod, bench rest, or sand bags? Can you do it under any conditions, even when you are tired? Do you know the vital Six Steps that required for every shot to be accurate? Do you know the rapid, scientific way to sight in a rifle, using minimal ammunition? Do you know the Steady Hold Factors and the use of a sling for accuracy in field positions? Do you know the true story of the most important day in American history and how it literally changed the world? Do you want to learn how to be a better marksman, improve your skills with a rifle, and have a ton of fun? Join Appleseed for a two day rifle marksmanship clinic. This clinic will teach you the skills that, if practiced, will allow you to pick up any sighted-in rack grade rifle and using surplus ammunition, make consistent hits on targets out to 500 yards. The program is non-political, non-partisan, family friendly, and widely acclaimed as one of the best marksmanship programs in the country--at any price.

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