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We are keenly aware of the Covid 19 crisis besetting the globe. SENTIENT Fest's next event is August 3rd to August 8th of 2021 to be held at Empire Haven Nudist Resort and Campground. Stay tuned on FB, Instagram and Twitter for up to date information!

This group was designed to give individuals and families the tools and resources needed when considering their first socially naked experience. It can help to have an experienced guide who understands the challenges and benefits of being ethically naked in social gatherings, skinny dipping on public lands or in a private campground setting.

It takes an enormous amount of common sense and a little bit dash of courage to attend your first naked gathering. Often times the best things in life can be counter-intuitive!

The SENTIENT Fest is following in the footsteps of the Northeast Naturist Festival (that operated on site and annually for 28 straight years!) We promote ethical, family centered camping, activities and relaxation at the scenic Empire Haven Nudist Park just outside of Moravia, NY. Come for the day or the whole week!

Ambassador Thel views Empire Haven as a canvas to express your version of clothed or unclothed expression. He upholds nudism/naturism/naked life choices as ethical, rules based, inclusive and enjoyable. He maintains and espouses the highest level of safety and security for individuals and families that enjoy being naked all over while supporting everyone's approach to ethically practiced nudity and camping etiquette. The only places where full nudity is enforced is in the pool/sauna/hot tub area and this is only to diminish the potential for gawkers (of which there aren't any - but please report them to the office if there are and they will be removed immediately).

Thel and his family have been camping at Empire Haven Nudist Park in Moravia since 2010. He has enjoyed being naked at home and in nature since being a young boy. Thel finds that being naked is both a spiritual, social, political and recreational pursuit. Thel experienced enormous body dysmorphic disorder (uncontrollable negative thoughts about one’s body) and through naturism was able to reclaim his body after decades of struggle.

Being naked in nature and at Empire Haven has nothing to do with sexuality, swinging or predatory behaviors – quite the opposite! Empire Haven is family friendly with plenty to do (see their activities on the website) or one can find incredible relaxation without pressure. Empire Haven is situated on a mountain top that is surrounded by pristine and untouched forests that date back to when continental glaciers moved through the area more than 2 million years ago.

Thel is also the acting Ambassador of the Northeast Naturist Festival. The festival is one of central New York’s best kept secrets! It’s small, intimate, safe and friendly nature is why people keep returning year after year.

Feel free to message me here and if you are ever at Empire Haven Nudist Park, feel free to stop by site 51 (by the pond) and say “Hello” or consider letting me know if you are thinking over a visit to Empire Haven.

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Located just an hour south of Syracuse and 30 minutes north of Ithaca, NY! Come convene in a spa-like environment on 98 lush wooded acres! We feature over 100 workshops that include keynote speakers, concerts, personal enrichment workshops, campfires, nightly drum circles, ecstatic dance, beer/wine/cheese tastings, community meals, and so much more! Choose privacy or community, rest or rejuvenation!

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