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Calling the shamans in the Northeast to organize a drumming circle, exchange wisdom, expand horizons and of course, to have some fun too.

I'm a shaman of the Mongolian/Siberian tradition, but have learned from Shipibo, Seri, and Mazatec Shamanism.
On this green and pleasant land we don't use sacred plants other than a good cuppa, but we have Drumming, meditation, sacred fires and conception circle ceremonies that we could enjoy, and we can learn from what each of us can bring to the group.

I have been living here for a while and still haven't met shamans in the area, but I feel there are at least another 2 or 3 in the Tyne and Wear Area, one in county Durham, and I'm pretty sure, there is one in Whitley Bay. So, I'm calling you here.
I hope I'm a good summoner ;)

Feel welcome and mae any questions, I'm very open and I have tons of respect for other traditions.

Thanks and welcome!

Marcela, the lucky shaman.

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