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Ice Castle, New Hampshire Overnighter

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Hello all, Please read the entire write up for this event. NOTE: Money due by Jan 4th 2019. You can send a check to me at 159 Forest St Apt 711 Manchester Ct 06040 or you can paypal it to me (friends and family) at - I am not making any money on this trip, so please make it friends and family. This is a fun attraction that I would like to see. We will take off and caravan together. For those who do not want to drive we will carpool. Dean has a 12 passenger van and is willing to drive. Everyone chips in for gas. We will have a pickup in Glastonbury Ct commuter lot. 2639 Main St, Glastonbury, CT 06033 (This is the address of the CVS next to the commuter lot) I will book a hotel 3 stars or better for the night. I will try to get a hotel with breakfast. The Ice Castle is best viewed at night. To break the trip up, we will stop for lunch along the way, as well as stop for an attraction along the way. I am thinking the Christie McAuliffe Shepard Space Center in Concord NH. Cost is $160.00 You are on your own for lunch, dinner maybe breakfast and gas. Dress warmly! Boots are needed.

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