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We welcome all current and future Pachakuti Mesa Carriers, shamanic practitioners and seekers to join this Meetup group. Joining is free and allows you to receive notices of all our Meetup events, to view the calendar, and to connect to other mesa carriers in our area.

The purpose of this Meetup group is to build our local community by having more events for us to get together in person to share our Peruvian shamanic traditions, healing practices and earth-honoring ceremonies. As a member, we want to hear from you about what you would like to have for future Meetups.

Who should join? All shamanic practioners and Pachakuti mesa carriers can join this site. We also welcome anyone who is interested in becoming a shamanic practitioner and Pachakuti mesa carrier, or who just wants to connect to our group, attend our events and meet our community.

What can you expect of this group? This meetup group will facilitate in-person gatherings for PMT related events for our community. You will be alerted to up-coming Meetups, and be able to instantly access this information on the web site. You will receive update emails on local mesa events, link-ups, ceremonies, etc., related to Pachakuti mesa shamanism. You can see who else will be going to each event, which will facilitate car pooling and save our resources. The Calendar is available to everyone to see, at a glance, currently scheduled Meetup events, and for future event planning. If you have ideas for how this venue can be of service to our community, please let us know! There will be more features coming as we grow into our site.

What do we expect of you? We hope that all those interested in Peruvian shamanism, the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, healing and ceremonies will join this group. We want you to participate in helping to build more local, face-to face, dynamic and fluid community of shamanic seekers and practitioners by coming to these Meetup events, and by adding your voice to our forum.

Types of events we will post:

• Pachakuti Mesa Tradition (PMT) Equinox/Solstice ceremonies, moon despacho ceremonies and despachos for other occasions

• Gatherings - large and small that bring PMT and other mesa carriers, shamanic seekers together in community to enjoy each others' company socially

• Small, focused groups that review, share and support the learned practices in the PMT 5-part apprenticeship program and other teachings by don Oscar Miro Quesada

• Community healing opportunities, such as gathering as a group for land healing, water calling, people healing, house clearing/blessing - no money, and tons of munay!

• All Wednesday PMT Link-up gatherings

This Meetup site will only offer the events listed above. It will not host announcements for any workshops, non-PMT events or personal business activities.

To have your PMT event posted on MU, you need to do two things. First: we are asking for a donation as a "fee to post" in order to pay for the subscription to our MeetUp site. See the fee schedule below for suggested rates. Second: please send a copy of the announcement of your event, as you would like it to appear, to Judy Hoaglund at jhoaglund@earthlink.net. If we need additional information, we will ask. If you want to include a photo, please put that in your email.

Suggested Fee for posting:

If your event is free to all........no charge to post

If your event is charging up to $15......$10 per listing

If your event is charging up to $20.....$15 per listing

If your event is charging up to $25 or more......$20 per listing

Upcoming events (2)

Full Moon -Eclipse Energy - Shamanic Journey & Healing Event

Ukhu Pacha Healing & Inquiry Space (St. Alban's Church)

PLEASE NOTE: Bring a mat, blanket, eye pillow etc... to journey with... (ALSO....this event IS happening, folks have rsvp'd privately) Powerful energies of the full moon's lunar eclipse will greet us Sunday. This energetic stargate will be within our reach as we journey Saturday evening January 19th. Join us as we reap the benefit of insight given to us by our beautiful Mother Moon, Mama Killa. We must shine our light from within, as the moon loses its glow from the eclipse. This respite from the light has the potential to catapult us if we focus our intention. If you haven't been unloading the things from you life that no longer serve for example - clothes you no longer care to wear, a clutter in your closet, a relationship that has run its course - NOW is the time to begin moving these items out, making room for something that serves you better. Making space for YOU. This is the time to state your intentions and create deep space for your personal growth work. Let us ride the cosmic waves of the eclipse and create the change we most want. The journey will be guided (initially) by voice to the underworld and will include live drumming. The evening will include the use of the Pachakuti Mesa as the container for the work, anchoring the journey in sacred space and safety. We will open the mesa and perform limpias (or ritual cleansing acts) on one another. By doing this ritual cleansing (with the use of Peruvian Florida water, smoke & rattles) we will travel to the underworld as our truest selves, leaving behind hucha (dense, heavy energies) so the travels may be clean and clear. All levels welcome - those that are new to this kind of work to seasoned practitioner. What to bring: - If you have a medicine piece that signifies your relationship to the lower-world - a rattle if you have one - an open heart and mind - $15-$25 – donation please About the Leader of this event: Jnana Gowan is a Sanctioned Teacher of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition & Mesa carrier, Ceremonialist & Healing Arts Practitioner. Her healing space, The Ukhu Pacha Healing & Inquiry Space is in Albany, CA. More on Jnana: www.powerhed.com (http://www.powerhed.com/) More about journey work and the event: Shamanic work is a powerful prescription to keeping yourself rooted and grounded -it assists in allowing the wild to come through without taking over. Join us as we journey to the lower world (also known as the Ukhu Pacha) to dive into the interior realms and ask spirit for help as as we encounter the general chaos we are experiencing currently in our world. Journeying to the Ukhu Pacha offers the opportunity to integrate aspects of the self that have been fragmented, for whatever reason, and to welcome these fragments back. By doing this work, the participant may experience a greater sense of wholeness. Besides this experience, you may ask for medicine gifts or be open to an initiation of some kind.

NEW Pachakuti Mesa Tradition Apprenticeship Series

The Lomitas Schoolhouse

WALK A PATH OF ANCESTRAL HEALING WISDOM IN THE MODERN WORLD This apprenticeship series is a deep immersion into a living lineage of Peruvian Shamanism. Part I is open to all who wish to deepen their connection to Spirit, nature and the animate universe, no prior experience is required. If you are seeking a deeper connection with yourself and are called to a path of healing service to others or to our Mother Earth, this series is for you. Part I: The Call to Heal (Releasing the Past) Feb. 15 -17, 2019 Part II: A Balance of Power (Transforming the Present) June 28 - 30, 2019 Part III: The Condor’s Quest (Creating the Future) Sept. 13 – 15, 2019 Part IV: The Hummingbird’s Ascent (Living the Mystery) Jan. 17 - 19, 2020 Part V: Our Shamanic Self (Serving the Earth) May 15 – 17, 2020 A true apprenticeship, this carefully crafted offering is for people from all walks of life. It is a heartfelt initiation into the healing power and earth honoring ceremonial artistry of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition (PMT). We will be drawing from 4000 year old Peruvian traditions that have been gifted to us by don Celso Rojas Palomino of Salas, Peru. The Apprenticeship Series will be taught by Jnana Gowan, who is a sanctioned PMT teacher with the Heart of the Healer and a curandera who lives in Richmond, CA. For additional PMT information see: www.heartofthehealer.org or http://www.powerhed.com/. Or email: [masked] (watch that spell check doesn’t change this) to register. YOU MUST REGISTER FOR THIS EVENT IN ADVANCE TO ATTEND AND RECEIVE THE INFORMATION PACKATE. AN RSVP TO MEETUP DOES NOT CONSTITUTE REGISTRATION FOR THIS EVENT.

Past events (195)

First New Moon of Winter: Gong Journey & Healing Work

Ukhu Pacha Healing & Inquiry Space (St. Alban's Church)

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