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What we’re about

Norcal Campers is an adult camping group appealing to folks who camp from their vehicle rather than from a backpack. Many of us camp in tents, while others utilize vehicles ranging from SUV’s to trailers and motorhomes of various sizes. While we welcome people of all ages, history has shown that most of our active campers are of retirement age. We focus on camping in the western states and northern California in particular and include “civilized” places like state and national parks, but also remote campgrounds with little to offer beyond a vault toilet. Most trips will be appropriate for anyone, but all campers must be self-sufficient; we assume no responsibility for your safety or well-being as we only serve to help coordinate things. By joining you agree to hold the group and all fellow members harmless of any responsibility or liability for whatever befalls you on a trip. Everyone is responsible for booking, and paying for, their own campsite, shared with others if mutually agreeable. Many of us enjoy getting together to share a libation but if you like to drink to excess and party please join another group. Pets are generally welcome, subject to the regulations of the campground being visited. Many of us camp outside of this group but sometimes company is welcome and there is a high likelihood that you will make and cherish lifelong friends as well as enjoy the security that a group can sometimes provide. Lastly, if you have an interest in leading a trip contact the “Head Camper” for assistance and authorization. Members can share information on Facebook at:

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