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Extended Fall 2018 Trip to Utah (Mostly)
Attached is a write-up on a proposed extended trip to southern Utah (and nearby places) that Ken is putting together. If you have not been to this part of the world you are missing out on one of the best areas in the U.S. If you have been, once is not enough. This is an early preview that will get you thinking and possibly planning. More details will follow as Ken completes his research. The rest of this post is from Ken. 2018 Fall RV trip: For those campers wanting an extended trip beyond California, here is your opportunity to discover several National Parks, Nat’l Monuments and a few State Parks in Utah. We have traveled and hiked extensively in this area. You are welcome to join us for any portion or the entire trip as your time and schedule permits. Web sites are available below for you to research more info. Exact dates are still being researched. We expect to start in mid-September and be home by late-October. Mark your calendars for this trip. More information and dates to follow. Meetup Group: Tentative Schedule: 7 days Capitol Reef National Park Fruita campground, near Torrey, Utah:¬tm 5 days Goblin Valley State Park, Hwy 24 about 15 miles north of Hanksville. Hiking the best slot canyons in Utah.¬parks/goblin-valley 5 days RV Park in Moab, Utah Day trips to Arches NP (South) and nearby canyon hikes around Moab. 7 days Arches National Park (North)- Devils Garden campground.¬tm 7 days Canyonlands National Park, Needles District; Squaw campground. This area is west of Monticello, Utah, not to be confused with the Island in the Sky District. The best hikes in all of Utah.¬tm 7 days RV Park in Cortez, CO: Mesa Verde National Park.¬tm Day trips to: Hovenweep Nat’l Monument, Durango Colorado, and Aztec Nat’l Monument Anasazi Cultural Center Suggested Parks to explore on your own: Great Basin National Park, Baker, Nevada Escalante National Monument, Escalante, Utah Bryce Canyon National Park Zion National Park Snow Canyon State Park, near St. George, Utah

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    Norcal Campers will appeal to adults who like to vehicle-camp and see the value in having company some of the time. We will visit “civilized” places like national and state parks, but also remote campgrounds with little to offer in the way of amenities but a vault toilet. Some will sleep in tents, others in a vehicle. Vehicles will range from SUV’s and truck campers to RV’s and trailers of various sizes. Some trips will be appropriate for anyone; others will be self-limiting to jeeps, pick-ups and SUV’s. All members will be self-sufficient campers. Everyone will have their own campsite, shared with others if mutually agreeable. Our focus will be on camping in northern California, but not exclusively. Fishing is a valued option; easy access to lakes and rivers has value, even if you don’t fish. Generally, you will be responsible for making your own reservations and payments; we may utilize group sites if appropriate. This is an adult group, but we may well make trips appropriate for kids from time to time. We welcome people of all ages; diversity is a good thing. But if you like to drink and party all night, please join another group. Pets are welcome. The benefits of company include: (1) the ability to socialize, or not, based on personal preference. (2) the “buddy” system sometimes has virtues, particularly when traveling in remote areas. (3) things like boats can be shared, if the owner is amenable. (4) you can meet some nice people and enjoy their company. (5) some folks are good campfire cooks and like to share. Bravo! Lastly, we value folks who want to organize a particular trip; nobody has an exclusive on good camping ideas. It’s suggested that you pass ideas by me, the Master Organizer, only so things don’t get out of hand with conflicting dates and the like. So let’s hit the road together and have some fun.

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