The World's Greatest Deal Analysis Spreadsheet Unleashed

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Join us as we walk through analyzing a deal using Brian’s spreadsheet. We will take you step-by-step through the deal analysis process for Nomads. We will cover what each of the input fields on the spreadsheet means and what we recommend using as we analyze properties for Nomad. We will show you which calculations we primarily look at to make investment property purchasing decisions and specifically what look for with Nomad properties. This class goes from nodding and bobbing as I explain how to analyze a deal to actually doing it yourself. Plus, much, much more.

RECOMMENDED: It is recommended that you download a copy of Brian’s spreadsheet ahead of time and make sure you have Excel installed on your computer before attending this class.

Bring a fully charged laptop with you to this class with the spreadsheet downloaded and Excel installed.

There are only a couple electric outlets in the room and not enough for everyone to charge their laptops so please charge your laptop ahead of time.