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Talk WordPress, GDPR & Security


GDPR: What is it, and what does it mean for WordPress site owners & builders?

John Walsh from, an Ireland based international Data Privacy & Protection Consultancy, will be joining us for this Meetup to give us a brief run-down on the upcoming rule changes on GDPR.

The upcoming new laws regarding GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will see much more stringent requirements implemented. These changes will affect everyone (referred to as Data Processors) that run or builds WordPress sites, and how the data gathered on our sites can be used.

Depending on the offence, Data Processors can be fined up to 4% of Global Turnover or €20 million (Whichever is higher) and contracted data processors (Which can be the agencies themselves) can be held part or fully liable.

You need to be fully aware of these new laws, if you own or run a site, and especially if you build sites for clients – either via direct contract, or as a subcontractor. These changes will affect us all.

The presentation on the night will cover:

• Summary of where we stand at present regarding Data Protection Law
• What is GDPR
• 6 things to do to get ready for GDPR
• Penalties under GDPR
• How it can affect you personally as an agency owner, supplier.
• Brexit in the context of Data Protection & GDPR

After John has talked us all through GDPR, we can then discuss what measures we can take on our sites to ensure the data stored is safe and secure, for our clients and website users.

We will also have some time for general WordPress related questions - If you are having issues or are facing a problem... ask the group, at least one of us should be able to help you.