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Relationship Problems? (or no love life at all?)
Hey there! With the holiday season coming near I wanted to give you a reminder to think about YOU. As in your love life. So many times we get wrapped up in thinking about what we're going to get others for the holidays. Or we get wrapped up in buying things at the mall. (I've already started doing that one!) And we tend to neglect giving to ourselves - as in our soul. So for example, if you are single... have been single for a long time... and really would like to find a partner, so you can get married (or re-married) or heck, just have something to do on a Saturday night rather than sitting alone at home, then maybe this is something you'd like to give yourself this holiday season! The gift of love! Or if you have a partner... but things are up and down... you have fights, you make up... or you're confused... things aren't as great as they once were... you're not sure if you should stay and ride it out (if it'll get better?) or if you should break up and be single and start all over again.. (oh no!) Then make this is something you'd like to give yourself this holiday season. The gift of clarity! You may see me posting Laughter Yoga classes on this message board, but my "main" job is helping people with their love lives (whether you have one or want one!). To work one on one with me is $550 (and up) for a private session or you can start by working on your own by getting my book or a get started guide $33 (and up) My work is for spiritual people who are interested in learning how to be pro-active in their lives. Sessions include spiritual teachings, psychic messages, channeled guidance, heart healings, and practical exercises, so you can apply all you learn from the session into your life right away. If this is something you'd like help with? Schedule a session: Or purchase a book or get started guide: And I look forward to helping you. Blaire (The Love Guru) PS: Buying yourself new clothes for the holidays is great, but getting a satisfying, loving, supportive, and fulfilling relationship in your life is worth much more. (Wouldn't you agree? Or do you really just need new sweaters, new work clothes, and a new TV and don't really care about your love life at this time? If you do feel that way, that's okay, just know that when you are ready to focus on getting your love life together that I'm here for you). And if you're someone who wants to fall in love again and experience all the fun, excitement and bliss associated with that, then contact me and I'll help you make that come true.

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