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With some of the best in Pennsylvania outdoor recreation right in our backyard, this is the place to be for organized MeetUps involving the enjoyment of what nature has to offer. Want to get out to see and experience these areas and activities while meeting new friends? Suggest your favorite trip as a MeetUp, or RSVP to one that someone has posted.

To suggest a MeetUp, please contact me, and I can post it, or make you an organizer so you can post it.

Personally, I don't think hikes should be at such a quick pace that you are too busy looking where your next step will land instead of looking around you. I believe in enjoying your trips and getting out of them what you can. Setting your pace is a personal thing and I don't have a problem waiting for others, and I hope the faster travelers feel the same.

Not all of our outings will be hikes. They can be camping, backpacking trips, picnics, paddling, or meeting at a predetermined spot to take in the beauty of nature or just to enjoy each other's company.

Organizers do not have to be and are not necessarily acting as "guides", but rather as group leaders and logistic persons facilitating opportunities for us to gather and enjoy the outdoors. Each member is responsible for their own well being, to include the ability to evaluate their own physical conditioning and preparedness. Please, if in doubt on any details, ask. Still, we are are group with common interests, and should look out for each other.

Please be courteous when RSVP'ing, if you don't think you will make it, don't say "yes" just to change it at the last minute. You are potentially keeping someone else from going because they think there are not spots left, plus the event host may need to know a good number for attendees before the day of the meetup. An event host may open up the hike to others if they know turnout will be slim. "No shows" are not appreciated, especially those with no explanation. Group leaders often wait for someone that never shows up, which affects everyone involved.

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