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Puzzled Pint
Love solving puzzles?...with friends?...while eating and drinking? Join us for Puzzled Pint in Fairfax area, Arlington or DC area! Puzzled Pint is a casual, social puzzle solving event which happens at bars/pubs on the second Tuesday of every month in multiple cities around the world. The Friday before each event, they post a location puzzle to the web site. The solution to that puzzle will lead you to a local pub/bar/restaurant. There are two locations in Northern Virginia, one in the Fairfax area and one in Arlington. There's also the same event in the DC area. Hints will be available on the site. On the night of the event, show up at the specified pub. We'll have more puzzles for you to solve while you enjoy drinks and food. Most teams take between 30 minutes and 2 hours to solve a typical puzzle set. We, "Game Control", will be on hand to give hints and verify answers. All Puzzled Pint events are free to attend. Puzzled Pint players solve puzzles for fun — there are no prizes. Teams are encouraged — solving is more fun with friends! You may use this meetup as a forum to try and put a team together or you may show up the night of and pick a random table of people to join. *Please note we are not responsible for putting teams together.

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What we're about

Who are we?

We’re a new Meetup group of Northern Virginia and DC-area puzzle and puzzle hunt enthusiasts.

What is a puzzle hunt?

A puzzle hunt is an adventure! It’s a collection of themed puzzles and events, typically designed for teams of 2-6 people and taking an afternoon or a bit longer to finish (some can take a long weekend). Puzzle hunt puzzles span the whole spectrum of brain-challenging activities from classic crosswords and sudoku to wholly unique puzzle types designed for only one hunt. If you want to know more about puzzle hunts, there are some great online resources we’ll mention at the end; more importantly, if you want to know more about puzzle hunts, join our group – we’re happy to welcome new puzzlers to the world-wide community of hunters!

What do we do?

We will meet at least once a month to:

· Play short team puzzle hunts (often called extravaganzas). We have a pretty good collection of puzzle hunts available to us, written by some of the best puzzle writers.

· Teach new puzzlers how different puzzle types and puzzle hunts work.

· Form teams for local puzzle events (DASH, Post Hunt, e.g.).

Who should join?

If you enjoy puzzles of any kind, but have never tried puzzle hunting before, we encourage you to join, attend one of our get-togethers, and see if you like it! We are extremely welcoming to new puzzlers of all ages, although puzzles and events may not always be child-friendly. If you are less than 18 years old, or are interested in bringing someone under 18, please let us know. We’ll work to provide events that are inclusive of everybody!

If you are a puzzle hunt regular, we equally encourage you to join. As founder of the group, I’ve personally attended more than 40 or more puzzle hunts across the country and helped write a half dozen or so. We’ll be sharing stories and puzzle ideas and can help you reach out to other puzzle hunt communities around the country.

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