Poetry Workshop

This is a past event

5 people went


Please bring a pen and enough printed copies of a poem with your name on it to workshop. The poem should be a work-in-progress: the rougher, the better.

When we begin, whoever volunteers to go first will hand out copies of his or her poem and read it aloud (reading it aloud is optional, but highly encouraged). The rest of us can take notes on the page and give suggestions for revisions to the piece. Please stick to constructive criticism. When we're done critiquing, the author of the piece will have an opportunity to comment on our suggestions before taking back the copies of his or her poem.

If there is time left, everyone is welcome to share a completed (or nearly completed) poem with the group. If we have enough extra time, we may select a poetry prompt to to write as well.

Make sure you bring something on which to write and with which to write.