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!!! NOTICE !!!
We have combined with the Northridge Mandarin Meetup and are updating our description and other information. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the organizers. Thank you!

Please read the entirety of our description for full information and rules.

Hello and welcome to the Northridge English, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin Language Exchange Meetup!

!!! 3 RULES !!!

* You must use at least 10 sentences in your target language during the meetup. If you can't, participants will help you.

If a participant constantly refuses to do so, we will ask the person to leave this group.

* Members will be banned if 3 or more other members report a complaint about a certain member for inappropriate behavior, manner, or conduct.

We will keep "all messages as evidence" for future use.

* Please bring a smile on your face and be polite and respectful to all members.

Here's an additional note from the member that we would like to include as part of our policy.

"If at any point you have a problem with someone's behavior, please consult one of us and we will try and sort it out and reach a compromise. We are all responsible adults so let's keep it that way."

This meetup group is solely for those who wish to learn and practice speaking another language. We are not a dating or "hook-up" group. We are dedicated to language exchange and meeting people with a similar interest who are trying to learn another language, nothing else. We hope that you can make many friends in our group, but do ask that you behave and conduct yourself in a mature and respectful manner. Moreover, if a member shows disrespect among participants by using foul language or discussing inappropriate topics in any conversation made in our meetup, in our group messages, or in private messages, they will be deleted, blocked from the group, and will no longer be able to participate in the meetup. If a member has any issues at all, they can send a private message to the organizers. We take respect and conduct very seriously and inappropriate language, behavior, and disrespect WILL NOT be tolerated. We ask that you please follow our rules so that every member may have a fun and comfortable experience.

We are a language exchange group that meets every week to practice and discuss the English, Japanese, Korean, and Mandarin languages. If you are just starting to learn English, Japanese, Korean, or Mandarin no worries! We invite all levels to participate. We have members of all levels, including native speakers who are glad to help if you have any questions about your target language. Whether you are taking a class or just studying on your own, we believe that you will benefit much by participating and interacting with native speakers and others who are learning the language you are as well.

Our discussion meetups occur once a week, every Sunday. We also meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays for our weekday study group meetup. There is no fee for the weekday meetups. There is a participation fee of $3.00 for the Sunday discussion meetups. Occasionally, we will go to restaurants to eat and continue discussion. We also do occasional special events that allow our members to experience American, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese culture. During these special events, we go to locations that offer insight into the American, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese cultures beyond the language. These events also allow members to connect more by experiencing new places with each other.

We hope to keep our meetup fun and dynamic. If you have any suggestions for events or activities, please let us know. We would love to hear your input!

Thank you for reading our description and rules. We hope to see you at our meetup! Happy language learning!

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