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Photography Changes Lives... When I learned at 18 how to pick up any camera and know that I could confidently capture a stunning image of anything in my environment, I gained a superpower that propelled me to succeed in every other area of my life. This is what I want to share with my students. Not just how to take good or even great pictures, but how to see life in a new way and become more confident as makers, inventors, artists and dreamers in every area of life.

It took me years and many thousands of hours (and dollars!) to gain that ability. My hope for this group is create a space where members learn and share new principles and practice them in real time; dive deep into the technologies that drive photography and together break down all the unnecessary walls between art and science leaving only confidence and skill.
I encourage members of any and all skill level to join. I will also be hosting teaching/mentoring events to put members on the path toward competence, confidence and mastery, regardless of starting skill level or desired purpose for studying photography. It is equally appropriate for complete newbies, hobbyists, aspiring professionals, and semi-pros who want to take their game to the next level.

Past events (6)

MOVED - Walk - Balboa Lake

Lake Balboa / Anthony C. Beilenson Park

Monthly Open House Member Gallery Night

13133 Saticoy St

Photography Basics Meetup for All Members

13133 Saticoy St


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