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After a breast cancer diagnosis, treatment, and recovery, for most women, life no longer exists the way it use to. There are endless questions of, “How did this happen, did I eat the wrong things, did I use the wrong deodorant, was I too stressed, and/or why did it happen to me?”

Whether it has been two days, five months, or ten years, we are still figuring out how to live without fear of recurrence, adapting to being a survivor, what foods to eat, how much exercise we need, and how will our next doctor visit go.

This group is for women who have walked through breast cancer (especially triple negative) and are striving to move on and live their best life! My intention is to create a safe space for THRIVERS to support one another with whatever may be going on at the moment, and encourage defining and creating a new way of life through holistic practices. We will empower each other to take full control of letting go and finding joy, meaning, and purpose in your divine ordered lives.

If you feel that Loving Yourself & Fully Evolving (L.Y.F.E.) After Breast Cancer is for YOU….Come on and let’s make it happen!

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