Outdoor Shooting @ Wisconsin Sportsman's

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Northshore Shooters
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Wisconsin Sportsmans Association

16010 Durand Ave. · Union Grove, WI

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We're the Deplorable Kool Kids with the Neato-keen toys

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Programming Change - Turns out this event is a TWO-fer !!! steel plate AND rifle. Steel plate (pistol only) will be on the "pistol" side of the range in the morning from 8 until 11, with the rifle side of things opening at 10am as usual.

Rules . . . all pistols must be cased at all times except when on the firing line. The RSO running the show will give the "okay" for removing pistols from their cases. In other words, no drawing from the holster. We shoot from the "low ready" position. Magazines may be kept OUTSIDE the case to facilitate reloading when not shooting. Maximum of 10 rounds per magazine.

Outdoor rifle & pistol shooting at Wisconsin Sportsman's. Let's shoot outdoors while the weather's good. WSA is a great place to practice rifleman skills. I'll probably bring the AR for some bench work, but may also bring the Ruger PC Carbine for some off-hand sling shooting at 25 yards.

Updates to follow - watch this space.
- Brad, your (sometimes) humble cruise director.