Shooting Steel - Outdoors !!!

Location image of event venue


This is a combined pistol & rifle shoot. Let's start the day with pistols on steel (8am to 11am) and if you like, the rifle ranges open at 10am !!! Bring *at least* three magazines for any pistol you plan on shooting. We had six people show for this event last month, and everyone fully agreed it was a LOT OF FUN. Everyone should strive to shoot as well as Max Michel.

There are specific rules for the steel shoot - no drawing from the holster. All pistols remain cased until you're on the line and the RSO gives the "ok" to begin. It is recommended that magazines be kept OUT of the pistol case for reloading. There's a maximum of 10 rounds allowed per magazine. Anything from .22lr all the way up to .45acp is fine for this, but, no magnum calibers please. Magnum rounds beat up the steel too much.

Folks . . . I shot this with my Browning Buckmark first, then I moved to my Ruger compact. Both had their own challenges, and both were a great deal of fun.

For those who've not been to WSA . . . they don't rent guns/don't sell ammo, but have targets, and $30 gets you in the gates for the entire day. All info can be found here:

Have fun / stay safe.

Keep 'em in the X-ring !!!

- Brad