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Want to meet new friends in an easy going environment? Let's get together! As we all know, Introverts need a little push to get out of the house. -Why a Meetup for Introverts? Being an Introvert does NOT mean that someone is anti-social. Many of us still seek and enjoy social interactions, but may get overwhelmed by loud, bustling events. -What is an Introvert? Simply put and by definition, an Introvert is someone who gets energy and recharges by being alone. The opposite is an Extrovert, who gets energy and recharges by being around other people. Introversion is NOT the same thing as being shy, although many shy people are indeed Introverts. - Who is an Introvert? Within Introversion, there is a wide variety of personality types. Some Introverts are quiet. Some love meaningful conversation. Some may be adventurous and enjoy the outdoors. Some may love staying in and reading a book. Some are anxious. Some are confident. Introverts may be found in any and every profession. Introverts are Doctors, Nurses, Actors, Mechanics, Artists, Police, Military, Pilots, Public Speakers, Engineers……….the list goes on! - Who is this group good for? Introverts of course! If you would like a group with events that are stress-free, judgement free, short in duration, no obligations, leave any time you want without feeling guilty - this may be a good group for you. If you are itching to meet new people but are hesitant for fear of being overwhelmed, this may be a good group for you.

IF YOU ARE NOT TRULY AN INTROVERT, PLEASE DO NOT ASK TO JOIN THIS GROUP. I want to remain true to the purpose of this group and make sure everyone is comfortable with each other.

There are dues charged to join this group. The dues are $5.00 a year, to be paid after you have attended a group event three times, and have decided you would like to be a part of the group. I AM NOT SET UP TO RECEIVE PAYMENTS ONLINE, PLEASE PAY CASH DIRECTLY TO ME. Thank you.

I only want active members in this group, so that everyone gets to know each other and are comfortable with one another and soon become old friends. If you are not going to regularly attend meet ups and pay dues, please do not join. If you join, and don't come to a meet up within three months of joining, I will remove you from the group.

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Our second picnic of the summer at Mississippi Mudd's by the River

This will be our second picnic of the year. Everyone seemed to enjoy our picnics by the river last year, so I thought we would have lunch at Mississippi Mudd's and then sit down by the river under a tree and relax and chat and maybe have some ice cream! Don't forget to bring your chairs!

Tour of Williamsville (Explore Buffalo)

Island Park

Join us on this walking tour of history-rich Williamsville! Originally established as William's Mills, this tour includes one of the oldest buildings still standing in Erie County, the 1811 Williamsville Water Mill built by Jonas Williams. Today, the heart of the village is benefiting from recent pedestrian enhancements. Also featured in the tour is the village's role in the War of 1812. Meet at the bridge at the entrance to Island Park at 5565 Main Street, Williamsville, NY 14221, located behind Amherst Town Hall and the Williamsville Library. Free parking is available in the Town Hall parking lot, accessible from Main Street or South Cayuga Street. Cost: General Admission: $15 Student Admission: $5 Explorer Pass Holders: Free Tour Details: Advance reservations are encouraged but not required for this tour. All credit card payments must be made in advance. Advance reservations with a credit card can be made online until the tour starting time. Cash or checks are accepted at the start of the tour. If you make an advance reservation, please print your confirmation email, or be prepared to show it on your phone. This tour is approximately two hours in length. Please wear comfortable walking shoes and dress for the weather – the tour will proceed rain or shine. Cameras are encouraged!

Miss Buffalo Prohibition Cruise

79 Marine Dr

This is the actual date for the cruise. COST: General Admission: $25 Explorer Pass Admission: $20 To buy tickets go to: https://explorebuffalo.org/boat/prohibition-crui...­ Prohibition was a busy time for Buffalo's waterfront. With legal alcohol available just across the Niagara River in Canada, a short boat trip across the border could bring alcohol into Buffalo. In the way of that short trip were an increasing number of patrol boats on the lookout for smugglers. Join us for a cruise aboard the Miss Buffalo II and listen to stories of rum running and smuggling and enjoy the scenic views of Buffalo’s waterfront. To complete the Prohibition Cruise experience, and celebrate the return of local distilleries, a local distillery will provide samples on each cruise. Tour Details: Space is limited and reservations are required! Please arrive at least 20 minutes before the tour start time – the Miss Buffalo will leave the dock promptly at the start time. Late arrivals will miss the boat! This tour is two hours in length. Explore Buffalo will contact you if this tour is cancelled due to weather. All food and beverages must be obtained through Buffalo Harbor Cruises. Cameras are encouraged!

Niagara Street Industrial Heritage Tour (Explore Buffalo)

Resurgence Brewing Company

Niagara St. was for many years one of Buffalo's major industrial corridors. Factories located along Niagara St. produced everything from automobiles to skin care products. One of Joseph Ellicott's original radial streets , Niagara St. runs parallel to the Niagara River, railroad tracks, and the former Erie Canal route and connected the early villages of Buffalo and Black Rock. Today many of the factories and warehouses are being converted into apartments featuring Niagara River Views. On this walking tour, learn about the street's industrial past while seeing a dramatic transformation of many Niagara St. historical buildings. Meet in the parking lot right outside of Resurgence Brewing Co. Parking is available in the Resurgence parking lot, or street parking is available on Niagara St. General Admission: $15.00 Tour is between ninety minutes and two hours in length.

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Let's take a ride on "BUFFALO CYCLEBOATS"

Buffalo CycleBoats

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