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Meet other Javascript developers, learn about the latest coolness or some basic fundamentals.

Mostly just get to go to a JavaScript meetup without having to make it into the city on time. :)

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Object Oriented Design with TypeScript / Gatsby

PSC Group, LLC

Object Oriented Design with TypeScript by Khyati Shah Typescript, coming from the Microsoft stable, brings familiar OOP constructs to Javascript. It is not a new language, but a superset of Javascript that compiles to the plain old Javascript. With the ability to think in objects and the C#-like syntax of TypeScript, you can translate your domain knowledge into code faster, architect around the domain and leverage the experience of C# and Java developers. In this talk, we will go through TypeScript basics like compilation, static type checking, etc while attempting to reason about and model the code the OO way. ************** GatsbyJS Revolutionized My Site by Steve Schwarz How I used GatsbyJS to migrate my 800 page hand-coded HTML/JS blog using CGI/jQuery to a blazing fast JAMstack driven site with data from multiple sources combined at build time and integrated client side real time components. ************** Schedule 6:00 - begin arriving , socialize, grab a slice of pizza and a beer. 6:30 - presentations begin **************

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PSC Group, LLC

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