The good, the clean, and the bad. A Javascript quality double feature!


Turning Bad JS into Clean & Clear JS
by Robert Stefanic

With so many features and oddities in the language, writing bad Javascript is easy. Lots of people can look at a block of Javascript code that is poorly written and recognize that it's bad, but what exactly makes that block of code bad? And conversely, what would make a block of Javascript code clean, eloquent, and good? This talk will take a look at the characteristics that make up good Javascript coding practices and emphasize why these characteristics are vital. To further illustrate the characteristics of clean Javascript, we'll take a look at some examples of bad coding practices and work through improving them.


How good is your JavaScript code? Please justify your answer.
by Mark Roden

Everyone writes the best code, right? What is the best code, who's making the rules? Who's picking up the pieces later on and maintaining your "best code"?

In this presentation we will look at some of the modern tooling which comes along with making good quality JavaScript code. We will explore quality gates in a CI/CD process and look at the pros and cons of making quality code decisions.


Schedule 6:00 - begin arriving , socialize, grab a slice of pizza and a beer.

6:30 - presentations begin