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• What we'll do We will use the Shared Inquiry Method to discuss this interesting pieces of literature. Whether you’re a first time book club member or a lifetime member, you’ll be surprised at the deep, thoughtful, civil, rich, interesting, illuminating, entertaining conversations that ensue! There are four guidelines for participating in a Great Books Discussion: 1. Read the work. 2. Discuss the work (no references to other books, movies, how this reading reminds you of your mother- in-law , etc.). Use the text to support your ideas. 3. The leader is not an authority on the discussion. There are no right/wrong responses. 4. Further the discussion by listening to what others say and follow-up on the train of thought. • What to bring contact Cindy Bouldin for details: [masked]

Ravenna Third Place Books

6504 20th Ave Ne · Seattle

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Great Books uses the method of Shared Inquiry™ ( to enrich people‘s lives by exploring the great ideas found in all types of literature: fiction, nonfiction, poetry and plays. Small groups of readers merge the ideas found in the readings with their combined experiences and understanding. You don‘t need to be any kind of expert to lead or to take part in a book discussion. Meetings are open, friendly and encourage everyone to share, discuss, question and explore. We go home from discussions exhilarated by new insights and with a sharpened understanding of important ideas. Learning becomes a lifelong, enriching experience. We broaden our view of history, sharpen our critical thinking skills, and relate the text to our own interpretations of complex situations and events. There’s more! We widen our circle of friends and have great times with people we enjoy! It’s amazing how much laughter can erupt from a serious discussion of a serious book . We’d like to believe that over time we come to understand ourselves better: how we think, what we think, and why. All books for the Annual Pacific Northwest Great Books Weekend Event are pre-read by the Board and chosen for the ability to sustain a rousing two hour discussion. Special effort is given to find pieces with: cultural diversity, different genres ie, plays, fiction, non-fiction, and pieces that have or will stand the test of time. Many of our titles have included classics and prize winning authors, but (in true Great Books fashion) we do not limit our selections based solely on book sales or as defined by others as classics.

Registration: Two nights of dorm lodging at Trimble Hall, six cafeteria meals, one set of four books, parking is free.. Please join us this June, meet new friends and renew enduring friendships! And for goodness sake, spread the word! Go to our website ( for r ( form and additional details.

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