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What we’re about

Great Books uses the method of Shared Inquiry™ to enrich people‘s lives by exploring the great ideas found in all types of literature: fiction, nonfiction, poetry and plays. Small groups of readers merge the ideas found in the readings with their combined experiences and understanding. You don‘t need to be any kind of expert to lead or to take part in a book discussion. Meetings are open, friendly and encourage everyone to share, discuss, question and explore. We go home from discussions exhilarated by new insights and with a sharpened understanding of important ideas. Learning becomes a lifelong, enriching experience. We broaden our view of history, sharpen our critical thinking skills, and relate the text to our own interpretations of complex situations and events. There’s more! We widen our circle of friends and have great times with people we enjoy! It’s amazing how much laughter can erupt from a serious discussion of a serious book . We’d like to believe that over time we come to understand ourselves better: how we think, what we think, and why. Go to our website for registration form and additional details.

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