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Welcome to the Northwest Hikers 55 Plus website.
Our leadership team is made up of volunteers who enjoy experiencing the great scenery the Pacific Northwest region has to offer. We invite like-minded novice or experienced hikers who are ages 55 and up to join us when they can.

To enjoy our surroundings as well as allow for visiting with our fellow hikers, WE SET A SOCIAL PACE.

We require a waiver and $10 fee each year, plus your Covid-19 vaccination and booster record.

You may RSVP and PARTICIPATE on our hikes when the required 3 items are received and the SYMBOL @22 is on your profile.

WHEN REQUESTING MEMBERSHIP: A CLEAR recent picture of yourself without sunglasses must be submitted, so we can recognize you on our hikes; use your real name: first and (optional) last initial, OMIT LAST NAME!

OFFICIAL MEMBERSHIP: The WAIVER: Consent, Release Agreement, and Authorization form with a handwritten signature, vaccination record, plus $10 fee must be received by the organizer and co-organizer no later than 5 days after being approved or your name will be removed from our list.

The $10 fee and waiver are collected together every year, the fee covers the $215 Meet up website expenses, equipment, supplies, and donation to WTA and Northwest Avalanche Center.

For you convenience, here's the link to the waiver: 

Northwest Hikers 55 Plus team

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Hike Sauer's Mountain

9494 Anderson Canyon Rd

REMEMBER, if you DONOT have @22 by your name, you aren't eligible to participate on this hike until you submit 2022 waiver, vax record, & fee.
This hike will not be a fast paced hike and there are lots of picture ops along the way. I don't remember there being a privy at trailhead, so plan your restroom stops before then.

DISTANCE: 6 miles RT
Since this is private property, it's best if we leave our doggies at home for this one.
Parking is limited here: Carpooling encouraged, as there are about 10 spaces available. Donot park beyond the posted signs.

We'll start the hike at 9:00am.
The trail up Sauer's Mt is on private land (hence the name Sauer's Mt.) and made accessible thanks to the land owners. Please be respectful of their property when hiking & observe leave no trace practices.
Enjoy a variety of fun, funky art on the first section of trail, including many of the Sauer's carved totems & faces on trees. Climb steadily thru balsam root, lupine, as well as bluebells, phlox, & a myriad of other wildflowers, depending on when you visit in the season.

DRIVING DIRECTIONS: Go thru Peshastin, which is 3 miles east of Leavenworth, & follow the North Road, & make a right before the cemetary on Anderson Canyon Rd. Drive 0.7 miles to the trailhead, which is on the left side of the road. Park your car on either side of the road. There is room for about 10 cars.

Trailhead Co-ordinates:[masked], [masked]

Triple Treat Olympic Peninsula – Kalaloch Beach at Low Tide

Kalaloch Campground

This trip has 3 parts: Kalaloch, Sol Duc and Hoh Rainforest. Join for the day hikes or also stay overnight. Please carefully read each description to understand what’s available with regard to camping.

KALALOCH BEACH (National Park pass required for entry)
There are several beaches, tide pools, scenic overlooks and trails to explore. The Kalaloch Creek Nature Trail is a mile-long walk through the forest along Kalaloch Creek, which drains into the ocean. Kalaloch is known for birding; species such as western gulls and bald eagles are frequently sighted. Visitors may even spot a puffin. The Pacific shoreline provides habitat for marine life: tide pools reveal crabs and sea urchins at low tide; sea otters float on the surface of submerged kelp beds; shorebirds nest on beaches; and whales and dolphins occasionally emerge offshore. The picturesque Tree of Life can be viewed from the beach.
Tree of Life - https://www.thekalalochlodge.com/explore/olympic-national-park/tree-of-life
Low Tide
6/[masked] [masked]/[masked] [masked]/[masked] -2.71

CAMPING – SHARE MY CAMPSITE 😊 One regular campsite has been reserved for the nights of June 15 and June 16 (Site C11 & A10). Due to the popularity of this campground, I wasn’t able to reserve the same site for both nights. Availability at each site: up to 7 additional people & 1 additional vehicle. Limit of 2 vehicles per site (my vehicle is 1 of them). Fee for extra vehicle (beyond the 1st two) is not included.
Fee: $30 for two nights, split amongst each individual person.

WEATHER - https://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?lon=-124.36959653918164&lat=47.61283443385483#.Ym9v6NrMK5c

Triple Treat Olympic Peninsula – Sol Duc Falls and Mineral Hot Springs

Sol Duc Campground

This trip has 3 parts: Kalaloch, Sol Duc and Hoh Rainforest. Join for the day hikes or also stay overnight. Please carefully read each description to understand what’s available with regard to camping.

SOL DUC VALLEY (National Park pass required for entry)
Hike through lush forest; then, soak in mineral hot springs at the Sol Duc Resort. Mineral hot spring reservations on a first come, first serve basis and can only be made in person.
Possible hiking choices:
▪Lover’s Lane Loop
6.5 miles, roundtrip. 480’ gain, high point 2000’
Difficulty – moderate with a couple short steeper sections
Follow the Sol Duc river upstream to view Sol Duc Falls in an incredibly lush canyon.
▪Mink Lake
5.2 miles, roundtrip. 1450’ gain, high pt 3100’
Hike thru dense forest to tranquil lake.
Difficulty – moderate, steady uphill the whole way
▪Sol Duc Falls
2.0 miles, roundtrip. 200’ gain, high point 1951’
Family friendly route to Sol Duc Falls on a wide, well-maintained trail.
▪Sol Duc hiking guide - https://www.nps.gov/olym/planyourvisit/sol-duc-area-brochure.htm
▪Trail conditions - https://www.nps.gov/olym/planyourvisit/wilderness-trail-conditions.htm

CAMPING – SHARE MY CAMPSITE 😊 One regular campsite has been reserved for the nights of June 17 & 18 (Site 74, both nights). Availability: up to 7 additional people & 1 additional vehicle. All other vehicles must be parked in the Amphitheater parking lot, located 100 yards distance from the campground.
Fee: $40 for 2 nights, split amongst each individual person.

WEATHER - https://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?lon=-123.86838555335999&lat=47.96734635693781#.Ym9uCtrMK5c

Triple Treat Olympic Peninsula – Hoh River Trail, Group Campsite for 16 people

Hoh Rain Forest Visitor Center

This trip has 3 parts: Kalaloch, Sol Duc and Hoh Rainforest. Join for the day hikes or also stay overnight. Take advantage of camping at Hoh! There are long wait times to enter the park (see below). But if you're already in the park at our Group Campsite, you're golden!

HOH RIVER TRAIL (National Park pass required for entry)
You can’t escape a sense of magic at the Hoh. The huge trees, the cascading moss, the birds and Roosevelt elk, the Olympic Mountains rising above and the broad river valley extending up and downstream all add up to make this a hike that must be done at least once in a lifetime. The trail is easy, too, with minimal elevation gain, excellent tread, and an open understory.

Hoh Rainforest
Hoh River trail to Five Mile Island
10.6 miles, roundtrip. 300’ gain, high point 800’
Difficulty - easy
Video of trail - https://youtu.be/keLFRUka9-g
There are popular turn-around points along the trail. First River access (0.9 mi one way), Mineral Creek Falls (2.7 mi one way) and Cedar Grove (4.0 mi one way). This is a very popular trail. We can hike this on Monday when, hopefully, it will not be as crowded.

There are two short loop trails as well as an out-and-back trail through the forest near the Visitor Center.
▪The Hall of Mosses Trail (.8 miles/ 1.2 km) is an iconic loop that takes you through old growth forest and features a grove of maples trees draped with abundant club moss.
▪The Spruce Nature Trail (1.2 miles/ 1.9 km) is a diverse trail that loops through both old and new growth forest as you walk alongside Taft Creek and the Hoh River.

CAMPING – the Group Campsite has been reserved for the nights of June 19 & 20. Maximum of 16 people and 8 tents. Two vehicles can be parked at the site (mine will be one of them). Other vehicles that cannot fit into site must park in the hiker parking, overflowing park, or visitor center parking lot.
Fee: $100 for 2 nights, split amongst each individual person.

WEATHER - https://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?lon=-123.93285468046089&lat=47.85901420421828#.Ym9w3trMK5c

IMPORTANT (from the Nat Park website) - June is one of the busiest months for visitation. Peak visitation time is from 10am - 5pm. To avoid the crowds, arrive before 10am or visit after 5pm. Estimated wait times, depending on the time of day and length of the line:
~ 30 - 45 minutes (between 10-11am & 4-6pm)
1-2+ hours between 11am-4pm
There is no bypass lane for visitors that already have passes, as it is a single lane entrance station only.

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Horse Lake Reserve - hillsides of wildflowers

Horse Lake Trailhead

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