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This group is intended to create a safe space for Licensed Massage Therapists in Seattle area, Bellingham, t
Tacoma, Olympia, Spokane, Vancouver and all areas of Washington State only, to network, discuss work, discuss issues, share treatment ideas, talk about injuries, and support each other. It is all about you and for you! Getting together and getting the support you need can help you build your career in more ways than you ever imagined.

We have an ongoing selection of instructor demonstrations that you can take for FREE/low cost CE's. Any currently Licensed Massage Therapist that is practicing or taking time off is welcome to join us. Our group is free to join and most of the meetings are free. If you would like to start a meetup in your area let me know and let me know what you would like to have meetups on.

It is our mission to help massage therapists find successful careers in masaage therapy in Washington State

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Breast Care and Breast Massage in Seattle 16 CEU for WA State

16 in-person CEUs, including 2 ethics credits and 8 hands-on credits $320 early bird registration Register at https://www.breastremedyseattle.com/shop/breast-care-and-breast-massage-16-ceus-in-seattle-february-2019 Questions? Text[masked] or message through FB events page. https://www.facebook.com/events/327366341205382/ Are you looking to stand out from the crowd, provide an important service that supports women's health and attract motivated clients to your practice? Are you ready to grow and question your ideas about breasts in our society, and the possibilities for optimal breast health for all? Do you love empowering people with self-care education so they can help themselves? Then breast massage and breast care might be what you have been looking for. This class was created as a way for therapists to learn how to offer breast health education, as well as provide a quality chest and breast massage to healthy breast tissue. Techniques can be applied to all genders and the class is open to students of all genders. In particular, the regulations for providing breast massage in WA State and Oregon will be reviewed. The first morning will be a lecture focusing on ethics, regulations and communication. In the afternoon we will review anatomy, breast self-massage and start trades with proper draping and a basic chest and breast massage protocol that can be included as part of any full-body massage. Day 2 will focus on furthering our breast massage protocol for particular client populations, as well as learning a simple lymphatic massage. The intention is to create an easy way to incorporate breast massage into the work you already know well. We will also discuss relevant marketing and office consent policies to support breast massage in your practice. The day will finish with learning a thorough breast self-check and information about breast screening. It is highly recommended to review these breast self-care videos from my Boob Tube page prior to class. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpwcMIULNAGjXHfi3DNe19A This class will be limited to 8 students to support the intimacy of this work. FAQ: Yes, this class is open to students of all genders. Yes, this class is customized to the students' needs. If you have a question you would like discussed, please email me prior to class [masked]. No, you do not have to receive massage directly on your breasts if you are not comfortable with that. Your lab partner can work through a pillow case or thin tank top. Yes, there will be bare breasts in the class, so if you are not comfortable with that, this class is not for you. Yes, there will be an introduction to the lymph system. Yes, this class will discuss breast surgeries.

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