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*UPDATE* 11/4/2019

Hi, My name is Chris, and I've been the NWSRG Organizer for the past year or so, and a member for nearly 7 years. I've posted dozens of events primarily centered around skiing....I'm not ashamed to admit I live for skiing and we live in one of the few treasured places on the planet where it's possible to ski all year around....or at least touch real snow.....all year round.

And yet as I write this update, I have a very existential question....why continue as a Meetup Organizer? Really, why do we do anything......right? For a sense of reward or purpose? As I've said, I've posted dozens of events, and yet had only a few join when somehow there's 120 members in this group. A bit less rewarding than I would have hoped it to be. There have been some great moments. This last year, Joel, Andrew, Susan, Richard, Barb, Bjorn, Eric, Janet and Rochelle were standouts! Pat and Theresa have stepped in when I couldn't find members that were willing. A few Whistler trips that were well attended in the past, some special trips locally, and some enduring friendships. Is it enough? Maybe enough......a lot of solo trips. But I would probably go anyway. I think I'll give it one more year. After all, what are the alternatives?

Perhaps the larger question is how do we even make connections in today's world? Anti-social media? Fake news dating sites? Count me completely out. I've been divorced over ten years and I stopped wasting time on that years ago. It's even worse now. Take a look around. Maybe, if you are reading this, you have experienced the same epiphany. So let me be clear, I really view this as an adventure group. I even tried to delete "dating" from the "activities" this group is supposedly into.....and Meetup wouldn't let me. Shows you what little respect the money culture has for people, with the default assumption there will be no interest if dating isn't somehow involved. How about some respect for people who are finding their way to meaning on their own?

What I offer is adventure. Mt. Baker is my playground. Join me. I have gear and some extra gear, skills, maps galore, outdoor knowledge, and modest fitness. A few of my friends are true Mountaineers, so I know the difference, but I'm not one of them, and I've always adjusted the activities to meet the demonstrated level of other participants.

The one thing I am not very much lately is a chauffer. Sorry. I used to drive all the time, but since I'm out there all the time (every other weekend), I now have a Van and generally stay through the weekend. I am disappointed at how much this has negatively affected Member attendance to posted events. This last Saturday with a minimum of early season snow there were hundreds of cars in the upper parking lot. No member responses. On powder days there are thousands of cars......I just don't understand the reluctance to drive if adventure is the game. I did, and I do. Want a carpool? Bring a friend. If you're going to Mt. Baker you should ALWAYS bring a sleeping bag and extra blankets so that you can survive a night in the car comfortably. You never know what is going to happen. I've been unexpectedly stuck several times in the parking lots or on the roads as a result of unexpected conditions.

At any rate, that's the update. Hoping for a great season....and as I write this....I am five days into the new season. And you?




*UPDATE* 7/2/2018

Hi, My name is Chris, and I've stepped up to be the organizer for now.....and am also now paying the dues for a 50 member group with 4 organizers. Please join for free until we hit 50.....beyond that....we'll see. I've been a long time member and met a lot a great people through this site including Bjorn, really really great people.....many of whom I am still skiing with, and anyone who knows me knows I am all about *!*!SKIING!*!*.......but I haven't participated as much lately in part because I've been much less sure the kind of Mountain Experience I now focus on with Baker will be the kind of experience that others will want to join. But if you don't try? You don't fly. So I've stepped up to organize because I am all about Activity Partners.....do you like to travel or play on snow? Patient...all levels. No worries! Meetup Message me for details.

......I have more time now because now I have a VAN plan. When I don't have my two Teens I take the Van up and park it here, there, and everywhere......and play in the Mountains as long as I can. Every other weekend. It's a pretty good plan actually. Great places open spaces, generally know where I am going and travel safe. Some epic spots. Hemispheres last weekend. Blueberry Chutes before. North Face. Table Tour. Swift Creek. Hut to Hut. On the safer side, emphasis on FUN. There's lots of snow this year. Squak. Heliotrope. Grouse Creek. "TURNS ALL YEAR" when I can. Sigh. Vans are good for that........but I probably have skied every month for the last four or five years even though I've lost count. But it's also true a few times a year I just hike without even taking skis....and there's nowhere better!! Ever hit the North End of Table Mountain? Can't get there from the Summer Trail!! But I know where the Old Trail is.....so that's your new Organizer. Hoping to ski this next weekend.....will post if I do!

*EPIC* NEWS Addendum. Vail Resorts....and Stevens Pass. Old new News!?1?! Finally a Washington Resident can buy an Epic Local Pass, for the mandatory days at Whistler/Blackcomb and Ski at Stevens.....for free. That's pretty big news. I must buy a Baker Pass (Kids too). But this year I also bought the Epic Local for the 10 days as Whistler and now it looks like I ski for free at Stevens (that's the super bonus round). I have a plan. It involves a Van. And I can park it at Stevens now too!! This should be good!! Three trips to Whistler last year. Always Epic.


Soooo to be fair....this is the OLDER Description. I do like the film fests, but not so much the Club Night Guy. Feel free to post! ~Chris

Welcome to the Northwest Ski and Recreation Goup in Bellingham, Washington. If you're a fun-loving adult who likes outdoor activities and wants to meet people and make new friends in the greater Bellingham area, you are in the right place!

We don't have meetings, but we do have occasional Club Nights, our social gatherings where members can catch up with friends, meet new members, have a drink and a bite to eat, and sign up for activities. Come on out and keep the party hopping!

There are no regular meetings -- just fun events all year 'round. These include Club Nights at local restaurants and watering holes; Ski Trips to various destinations in winter and spring; and other activities throughout the year including hiking, cycling, camping, river rafting, golf, tennis, cruises, wine tasting, and more!

Come Play with us!


**The Ancient History** More details in person.......but this Club has existed a lot longer than Meetup. It used to have a brick and mortar location in Bellingham and over 700+ members.....all before...the internet really changed social networking along with so many other things. For years the Meetup dues were paid by past member residuals. Obviously things have changed, but still a little hard to let all that history go........and I've met a lot of great people through this site. Persistence and entanglement. If you've made it this far? Let's go skiing!

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