Next Meetup

Northwest FPV's Monthly Meetup!
Well, we've finally gotten almost 1000 people in our facebook group... What does that have to do with a meetup? Well, it means that there are almost 1000 people who are in the pacific northwest who are interested in this stuff... And that means that there are even more out there. There's been an overwhelming need for a local place and regular date that people can get together and nerd-out/talk quad/be dweebs in person. Bring your latest project (keep it small and portable please) to show off. Build a new wing? Bring it and show us. Fleet out a new set of race drones? Bring them and show us your building mastery. Want to get involved? Bring a notepad and don't be afraid to ask questions! See you there! --Northwest FPV

Lucky Labrador Beer Hall

1945 NW Quimby St · Portland, OR