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This group is for anyone interested in exploring shamanic and spiritual ways of celebrating the Ceremony of Life, exploring an energetic human experience, deep connection and an open and loving spiritual community with transformational coaching aspects.
This group is for you if you are looking for deep and meaningful connection and community and support in your spiritual development and exploration.
In my events, you will experience shamanic style ceremony and explore energy in an embodied experience, explore the power of conscious intention and open your heart and soul to spirit to spirit, heart to heart connection as well as how to transform your unconscious conditioning and commitments in the way of your expansion and evolution.

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Community Sacred Circle

Erpingham House

BE fully present, here, now BE in the space of unknown. BE limitless love The content of each circle will be co created in the moment, depending on the night, the people who show up, the energy and needs of the room. Each moment honoured and held in sacred and divine connection. Each circle will connect you deeper on your own individual spiritual path to magic, power and the divine spirit and source within you and infinitely around you. Each circle will give you access to a power that will enhance your receptivity to the brilliant divine light of our higher intelligence that provides healing, clarity and expansion. Each circle will be a sacred safe space that will be filled with deep spirit to spirit connection, ceremony, quantum guided meditation, music, movement, bodywork, breathwork and more.... The content of the circle will depend on the group and what is being called in. We will co create the energy and magic in the space and tap into the internal eternal limitless love within us all. I will tune into my higher power, magic and intuitively be guided to guide the circle in a ceremony into the unknown where infinite possibilities open up to us. Who knows what each circle will bring? Who knows what we will be doing or what will show up and present itself? Come with an open heart and surrender all expectations and control and BE in a place of trust and knowing that ALL will magically and beautiful unfold. Come join me on this adventure into the magic of the unknown. Donation based Starts at 7.30pm Earliest finish 9pm but could be later 🤷🏽‍♀️ At Erpingham House, Norwich Message me directly to confirm your place. I am exploring all different ways of sharing in community, I offer this sacred circle as a heart based gratitude offering. You will have the opportunity to choose for yourself an amount that feels right for you to pay. This is an opportunity for you to value the offering from your heart, and value the gift you are giving to yourself and value what you are receiving. Please consider paying more if you are feeling abundant or if you have a lot of resources in order to help people with less to attend. If you have something other than money to offer in exchange, feel free to suggest it. . Donations by cash or PayPal [masked]

New Moon Cacao Ceremony and Vision Manifesting

Erpingham House

The New Moon in Libra on September 28th is bringing balance and harmony. After the huge shifts, releasing of the old and what no longer serves us as we rise up...this balance and harmony is beautifully welcomed. Let us harness and honour this wonderful energy and come together and call in what we desire for ourselves in the next phase of the moon. We will begin with creating sacred space in ceremony, inviting the energy of the dark moon, the energy of creation, the energy where anything and everything is possible in the space of the dark moon and nothingness....in the unknown. We will sing, drum and dance to invoke this energy of creation, abundance, gratitude, limitlessness and calling in. Following this you will be guided in a shamanic journey meditation to dream about a vision for yourself and your future. A place where you can dream big, where you can dream the impossible possible. Connecting to the spirit goddess of cacao asking her to guide you to who you need to be, what you need to feel and do in order to make this happen. Allowing yourself to be guided in this trance like state to see, feel and experience your biggest dream. You will then write down what you desire to call in for the new moon with regards to your vision. We will then drink the ceremonial cacao , blessing the cacao with our desires of what we want to call in. You will then be guided in a vision manifesting meditation. We will end with a sharing circle. £33 Email: [masked]

Women’s Winter Retreat: Womb Awakening

Norfolk Broads

Womens Winter Retreat Celebrating Sisterhood and the Ceremony of Life Awakening the creative power in your womb Own and love your body and your yoni Reclaim the power in your pussy and your blood. This weekend will be a gathering of women connecting as soul sisters, reclaiming power where we have been giving it away and connecting to the immense energy and power in our wombs and our yonis. So many women have been conditioned to live with such shame and disconnection with our bodies, our wombs, our yonis. Our relationship with ourselves has suffered as has our relationship with others. We have forgotten how to experience pleasure and how to ask for it. We have forgotten how to enjoy our bodies and the powerful energy that we hold in our wombs, our pussies and our blood. This weekend is about being in ceremony with ourselves fully and each other. A deep honouring of ourselves and our bodies. A deep connection with the sacred primordial force within our wombs. I will be creating a sacred and safe space for us to explore our relationships with our bodies and our relationships with each other as women. Changing disempowering stories that we have about women, our bodies and pleasure and reclaiming that power back with deep divine love and compassion. Connecting deeply to our bodies, physically and energetically Connecting to the powerful creative energy in our wombs, the healing and manifesting powers that we can invoke within us Connecting to each other heart to heart, spirit to spirit as women, as sisters, as mothers, as daughters, as grandmothers. Healing and transforming our stories about our relationships with women. The weekend will be held at a beautiful countryside location called Hobland Barns near Gorleston, Norfolk, UK. Click on the link below to have a look at the venue: https://www.airbnb.co.uk/rooms/30858687?source_impression_id=p3_1568385232_93iD0uuPljNutCs6 There will be a maximum of 11 women on the retreat including myself and the amazing Ana Calistrou who will be doing her magic in the kitchen for us. The weekend will consist of Shamanic Style Ceremonies, Forrest inspired yoga and energy work, meditation, Shamanic journeying and healing, Group Transformation coaching, Womb and yoni healing and activation, Bodywork, Sharing and talking circle, a beautiful fire ceremony and Psychedelic food journey feast on the Saturday night and dancing. The retreat is open to all women...come alone, come with your friend, come with your partner, come with your sister, come with your mother or daughter. Investment: Bedroom 1: Double bed £666 (£222 for extra person) Bedroom 2: Double Bed £666 (£222 for extra person) Bedroom 3: Single Bed £555 Bedroom 4: Double bed, ensuite £666 (£222 for extra person) Bedroom 5: twin beds £444 each I am so excited to share with you my first ever retreat in Norfolk. This experience comes from my heart and a longing to create deep connection as women, sisters and mothers of the earth. Let us come together and unite in our sacred powerful forms and ripple out healing to our ancestors and for generations to come. <3 Beautiful Artwork found on google ❤️🙏🏽

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Full Moon Ceremony and Fear Burning Workshop

Mangreen Country House

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