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ConnectSpace™–Tuesday Night Games
ConnectSpace™ Tuesday night weekly drop-in for connection games Connection creates the human experience. We are inherently social creatures and have a fundamental need for connection. For all our advancements in technology, we paradoxically have access to more and are more accessible than ever before, and yet feel increasingly cut off and disconnected. Loneliness, coupled with not being fully seen and heard and felt, are major contributors to our collective senses of dissatisfaction, lack of fulfillment, unhappiness, and even dis-ease. Dropping in, getting real, and cultivating intimacy, all with a sense of play is the antidote we offer. Despite our need for connection, the very act of connecting itself can be one of our most challenging, frightening, and even confusing experiences. A myriad of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors can arise and obfuscate; we can get lost in projection (differentiating our own experience vs the narratives we spin around what’s going on inside the other), and we can end up losing our way. ConnectSpace™ is a forum we’ve created to practice these skills together; to teach us how to reconnect with our truths and hearts; to show up for each other; to learn crucial practices for effective conflict resolution with empathy; and, most critically, to have a ton of fun in the process. We will be exploring the dynamics of connection via simple games in which we practice overcoming our resistances and barriers and being present to both each other and ourselves. Let's play! Donation $5 to $10* *noone is turned away for lack of funds.

East Bay Healing Collective

1840 Alcatraz Avenue · Berkeley

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Are you at a point in your life where all your friends are now married and/or have kids? While you're happy for them, it seems like opportunities to get together with them have grown far in between now that they have their new responsibilities. Plus, anyone that you meet at your age seems to be in the same boat. Well, if you're in need of new friends in the same situation as you, you've come to the right place!

The outside world may say you have "Peter Pan Syndrome" or call you damaged, goods, and old maid, or are "forever single' but in our group, we call you our friends. We welcome all sorts of people from different backgrounds and each of our meetups is designed to give everyone in the group a chance to get to know one another. Join us as we engage in fun and exciting adventures all around the Bay Area as we enjoy our lives to the fullest!

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