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Hall Ranch in Lyons - Trail rating C2, T2 (one section of trail is T3) Scroll down for rating explanation.

Hall Ranch starts off with a medium climb that includes some interesting rocky sections (more interesting on the way back going downhill of course). Next is some flowy singletrack with nice views of a meadow, and then a loop that gets into a treed area. This ride will be lead by Monte.

MEETING TIME/PLACE: We’re going to start this one a little earlier to beat the heat. Meet at the main trailhead parking lot at 9:00, ready to pedal 9:10. Look for red Tacoma pickup truck with silver topper. Then look for some big guy named Monte. We aren’t setting a specific carpooling location, if you would like to arrange carpooling you can do so individually via Meetup message.

Trail map includes location of trailhead (where it says “you are here”):

If you are bringing a guest, indicate this when you RSVP on Meetup, and be sure your guest reads this ride description in its entirety.


Trails are given two ratings, difficulty of climbs (C0 – C4), and technical difficulty (T0 – T4). Use this as a general guideline only. Trail ratings are subjective, depend of the riders abilities, and difficulty varies along the route of any trail.

C0 - Barely up hill. Example: first few miles up Waterton Canyon (the wide gravel road)
C1 – Climbs minor by local trail standards. Example: Bear Creek Lake Park
C2 – Moderate climbs, some huffing and puffing expected. Examples: Green Mountain, Centennial Cone, Lair o’ the Bear
C3 – Lung buster. Some riders in this group will walk their bikes in sections, and all will need to stop periodically to catch their breath. Example: Apex Pick ‘n’ Sledge, Matthews Winters Morrison Slide Trail.
C4 – Evil, nasty, long climbs. Example: White Ranch starting at the bottom near hwy 93.

T0 – Well groomed gravel. Example: first few miles up Waterton Canyon (wide gravel road)
T1 - May have loose gravel, erosion ruts, some rocks, tree roots, dips and twists. Requires experience and paying attention but doesn’t require advanced riding technique. Examples: most of Centennial Cone, Colorado Trail near Buffalo Creek, South Valley Park
T2 - Rocks, switchbacks, roots, etc that require experience and technique. Examples: Heil Ranch, Bergen Peak / Elk Meadows.
T3 - Tougher rocks and switchbacks and drops up to 1 foot or a little more. Examples: Matthews Winters Morrison Slide Trail, tougher parts of Apex, the rocky side of Hall Ranch.
T4 - Highest skill level required. We don’t ride these. Few mortals do. Examples: Black diamond and double diamond downhill bike runs at Keystone. Blackjack trail at Buffalo Creek.

Defining qualities of the Not Over The Hill Yet Mountain Bikers group:
• Enjoys descents. Enjoys rocks and other interesting trail irregularities. Intermediate technical riding skills. Not a beginner group.
• We stop and smell the roses. Maybe to watch each other make multiple attempts on a tricky rock section, or to take a photo, or to wait for others to catch up.
• Self-sufficient riders, i.e., if separated from group each rider able to find their own way along route or back to their car. And while most riders will help where they can if you have a bike problem, each rider needs to be able to deal with their own bike problems.
• Safe and friendly, follows trail rules and regulations, good trail etiquette towards all trail users.

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