What we're about

In today’s world we all live in a society where technology is the new connection to human responses. The purpose of this group is to recapture the human connectedness we are all born with in a safe and fun environment. Members of other meetups have shared their struggles trying to connect with certain groups and finding where they “fit in”. This group was created by seven meetup single veterans of other groups to create the opportunity for SINGLES who are looking to be themselves in a judgement free zone with other like-minded singles. It is important to note that many of the founders just met each other 48 hours before we formed the group so there are no "cliques" or preexisting long term friendships here that may shy people from wanting to join us. We are all new friends so come join us and make new friends!! A wide range of activities are planned with a minimum of two events monthly.

Applicants are screened prior to approval. We have strict criteria to insure all members feel safe and secure in this group. We reserve the right to remove any member for violations of the group standards. We strive to make each event a memorable experience!

Currently this group is focused on singles, separated or divorced.
Are you easily offended?

Is there drama in your life that creeps over into your social life?

Are you looking for a relationship or “hook-up”?

Do you sign up for Meetup events then do not attend?

Are you an obnoxious drunk?

Are you judgmental?
If you answered “yes” to any of these question this is not the group for you.

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