August Meetup - Collaborative Product Ownership & Agile Superleaders

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This month we welcome back John Le Drew (@antz29 ( for his tutorial - The product owner is an agile anti-pattern

While business knowledge and domain expertise is useful and essential, is this only achievable with a 'single wringable neck'? What would happen if the whole team could be encouraged to take ownership of product direction?

This session looks at how we have often created dysfunctional relationships with our product owners through both the way we collaborate (or don't) with them and the language we use to talk about the role itself.

We will discuss questions like:

• is having a product owner an anti-pattern?

• why do we discourage 'hero' developers but encourage 'hero' product owners?

• do product owners make it hard to have a sustainable pace?

• can the whole team engage in product ownership?

• what can you do to support your PO?

Following this, there will be a talk on agile superleaders. We are servant-leaders. We are change agents. We lead by example. We move people. We put them first. We are superleaders. Our superpowers toolbox is full, but those powers don't come for free. Everyone of them has a flip side. Every hero has a unique weakness. Be wary, one cannot use the pros without getting the cons. Timothée Bourguignon ( created the league of extraordinarily shortsighted agile superleaders. We will use this to trigger discussions around leadership, and show how you can use this during agile retrospectives.

Free pizza and a beer or two will also be available.

N.B. Our lovely hosts at the Capital One Software Studio will pre-arrange access/passes for everyone coming, so be sure to RSVP!

For security reasons, we must have your full name so that you can gain access to the room. You will need some form of ID and your name will be matched to the list. Please update your profile with your full name if you are attending this event. About the Software Studio...

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