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We are hosting a vegetarian supper club for up to 9 people at our flat where people can have delicious, varied and well-prepared vegetarian meals. Everything is guaranteed to be tasty and different. The cook is from Shanghai and blends Chinese, Californian, French and local cuisines. We ask for a small contribution of £15 to cover ingredients.

We will use seasonal organic greens as much as possible.

The menu:

Boiled Edamame A favorite appetizer in China, the simple mix of boiled soybeans, salt and Star Anise is the perfect starter.

Baked tofu with lime and soy sauce The tofu is marinated overnight in sesame oil, lime juice and soy sauce, then slow baked to seal in the citric and salty tastes.

Green salad with miso-ginger dressing. A lively, non-dairy dressing from the venerable Moosewood cookbook.*

*This course has been changed to accomodate our vegan guests.

Main Course Wild rice, cranberry and walnuts salad A good winter dish, with a balanced mix of grain flavours, sweet and sour from the cranberries, and the nutty taste of walnuts. It is also very nutritious, with complementary proteins from the rice and the nuts.

Stir-fried green bean with pickled olive From Canton (Guangdong) province, the pickled olives add a unique aroma to the beans, which are first blanched in vegetarian stock.

Cream of broccoli soup with goji Known in the UK as wolfberries, goji are common in China to add "coolness" to a dish and for bright eyes.

Dessert Elderflower sabayon with fresh fruit compote
Elderflower liqueur adds a delicate floral flavor and aroma to the sabayon, a creamy whipped dessert, which goes well with fresh fruits for a light refreshing dessert.

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