January Nottingham SQL Server group meetup


January 2019 Meetup for the Nottingham SQL Server usergroup

Speakers and sessions for the evening are:
Chris Adkin will be talking about Big Data Clusters:
SQL Server 2019 ushers in a new data platform in the form of big data clusters, this runs on Kubernetes, a container orchestration framework. But why do we require container orchestration frameworks, what is Kubernetes, its a platform, but how is it different from one has gone before and what are the essential things that Microsoft data platform professionals need to know about it, This session will aim to answer all of these questions and more.

And then I'll (Stuart) be talking about Data Masking in SQL Server.
We'll look atDynamic Data Masking introduced with SQL Server 2016 which allowed you to dynamically mask data based on user rights. And we'll look at the incoming Static Data Masking functionality that makes it simpler to mask data as it's moved to a test environment or sent to a 3rd party,
We'll be in the Golding Room, which is down at the left end of the bar. If you want to grab dinner feel free to order at the bar and they'll bring it in when it's ready

We'll be kicking off at 18:30 with Speaker 1, quick break about 19:30 to grab snacks and drinks, and then speaker 2 starting about 19:45. Times may move around but we aim to be done by 21:00.