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New venue!!! Many thanks to Liam from RP Analytics for tracking us down a new venue. With a proper screen, and less background domino clacking as well.

There'll be pizza and soft drinks courtesy of Liam as well

We'll be kicking off at 18:30 with Speaker 1, quick break about 19:30 to grab snacks and drinks, and then speaker 2 starting about 19:45. Times may move around but we aim to be done by 21:00.

Our speakers for this evening are:
Tobiasz Koprowski
Title: Player No 1 in Security Centered World

Abstract: Cloud Services are everywhere. Data is everywhere. As Data Professionals we know what we should do to secure our data and leverage responsibility (just a little with moving it to the provider side). But we can do little more. We (especially if we are players) can play a little with game where points are pointless but our actions not. Using Microsoft Security Center which is free, powerful and huge service located in the centre of our Azure Subscription, we can look for our databases from a little different perspective. Maybe even see completely new horizon. During this session (90% demo focused) we will discover Microsoft Security Advisor and how features of MSA can support process of increasing security for SQL Azure Database and SQL Server Database too.

Barney Lawrence
Title: DAX Explained Through Dance, Memes and Dad Jokes

Abstract: Moving beyond the basics of DAX can be tough, there are several key concepts that can be hard to grasp before more complex expressions can be confidently written.
This session will help anyone who is either looking to move their formulae up to the next level or looking to support others in doing the same by providing new ways of thinking about some of these concepts.
You will learn how filter and row contexts are like a barn dance, how CALCULATE can work like a distracted boyfriend, explore filtering with punchlines and discover what makes a Zebra Fish blush.