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Welcome! So many of us have experienced and struggled with emotional eating, body issues, and food and weight obsession, yet go through the experience alone, with shame and regret. The purpose of this group is to bring us together so that we may feel supported and truly heal. Borrowing from the foundations of Geneen Roth's writings (specifically Women Food and God), mindful eating, and the practices of group recovery, we will meet up and share our experiences, gaining strength and support through our struggles. There is so much hope, peace, and happiness to be gained from life when the obsession ceases...may we create our own unique perfect recipes for happiness together!

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I call this group Happiness Soup because we each have our own individual recipes for what truly satisfies and sustains us. After spending nearly seven years with the personal hell of body, food, and eating obsession, I began to seek a way to find peace and balance. Even after doing everything I possibly could, I still found myself eating more than I needed and unhappy with my body size. The social and emotional support I found in an overeating addiction fellowship was so helpful and instrumental, but I didn't truly find peace around food, overcome emotional eating, and reach a comfortable body weight until I began practicing intuitive eating, mindful eating, and the practices outlined in Geneen Roth's "Women Food and God." This group will blend the rich wealth of tools offered in both approaches to create a community of people that are ready to take actions to heal.

I ask and encourage you to do only one thing: show up. It really is that simple - overeating is how we hide, and showing up is how we grow. I look forward to joining hands in the slow, beautiful process of cooking up a truly delectable life.

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