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We are Novel Philosophy Academy, a school devoted to helping you build your intellectual posture for the purpose of living a meaningful life. We have created this group because we want to create a community of curious and intellectual thinkers in the UAE. Our means to achieving this comes from the philosophy; we draw on philosophical lessons from literature, art and history to understand life’s most relevant and rudimentary questions. Our process of discovering and articulating these answers help us understand ourselves better so that we can become better protagonists of our individual lives - whether at work, in our relationships, or in our personal development.

If you’re interested in discussing life’s deepest and most fascinating philosophical questions this group is for you. We will explore, debate, and discuss questions such as: what is the root of love? How can I become a critical thinker? Or where does knowledge come from? Other topics we cover are: how to find meaning in life, why philosophy is so indispensable to our lives, equality, the problem with identity politics, understanding the ‘I’, why we suffer, mind-body dichotomy, free-will, understanding morality, understanding rights etc. We’re always interested in learning more about the topics you are most curious about and if you have any ideas we’d love to hear your suggestions.

Our experts host workshops and classes that can run anywhere from 1 hour to a full day of activities depending on the nature of our event. We make sure that our events are affordable for everyone and many of our classes are for free. For paid workshops, we will redirect you to eventbrite and our website for ticket sales.

Who is Novel Philosophy Academy?

Our academy has an exalted view of what human beings can be. We believe that each one of us has the capacity to become a real-life hero – one who possesses an elevated moral status, whose intellectual posture is self-made and whose self-esteem is unbreachable; we exist to help you achieve that vision.

However, we can only be successful once we learn how to sculpt our minds. That is why we teach specific methods on how to think critically, and how to understand our emotions using a philosophy of reason — reason being a process of thought which is not an automatic function of the mind, but a method which must be learned and practiced.

We also ensure that philosophy is pertinent to everyone by investigating current ideas in our culture as well as timeless works of literature, art, and movies in order to help us understand life’s deepest questions: on who we really are, what we can become, and what can help us achieve happiness.

We offer a curriculum of workshops, classes, and mentorship programs that are themed around six philosophical questions that we’ve all encountered throughout our lives. We believe that through the process of thinking and articulating our answers, we are taking the necessary steps needed to sculpt ourselves into the ideal heroes we admire.

Our business is primarily based in Dubai and we also conduct classes internationally. For more information about us visit our website:


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How To Transform Your Conversations Into Opportunities

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