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Thank God everyone's a critic!
A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit. ~Richard Bach I HAVE DATES BUT HIS SITE WONT GET THE TIME IN ! ~The excitement of sharing your pages, the hope that everyone will go into a deep discussion on your work, only to realize you've just become a conversation and example of what not to do in writing. Your excitement lost, and kicking rocks home. ~Ah! Fear Not, for every doubt there is hope. You are surrounded by people who can help. With kind guidance the >.< UGH! becomes an :). You come to these types of meetings for feedback- input. Fellow writers shining a bright light on your shadows of punctuation, flow and character development, can be daunting. Please remember we are all growing as writers. The more you learn the more you grow. ~Growing and learning from mistakes can be hard for some, inspiring for others. I for one am thankful for all of the help and support you all give. Keep Writing Everyone - Don't give up. ~I know I will not quit no matter how many shadows lurk on my pages. I'M WAITING ON APPROVAL OF DATES FEB. 1ST 12-2 AND MARCH 2ND3-5PM

Cumberland County Library

300 Maiden Lane · Fayetteville, NC


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This group is for anyone who's interested in starting to write a novel or for anyone who has finished one and needs some feed back from some very honest people. If you're a seasoned writer or just someone who loves to read and help with honest opinions, you are welcome to join in. Writing can often start out as the best idea you ever had, and end up being the most confounded irritating thing you ever encountered. The promise that encouraging help and guidance is there, may just be what you've needed to finish your story or even start one. The groups are going to be small so we can focus on each others work. You will need to bring small copies of your work to hand out. Bring a positive attitude and be willing to suck it up and take an opinion or two. Let's help each other get to that last line we've all been dying to write, "The End".

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