GISH - Greatest Scavenger Hunt in the World!

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And here is where the inspiration for the groups crazy events started!

Welcome to the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt. It's the thrilling break from normal you’ve always needed. Join players in over 100 countries for the weirdest, most exciting adventure of your life.

IMPORTANT: You need to register for the week long hunt starting July 28 via the link below, we are Team 'NovoSocials'. We will meet on the last Saturday of the Hunt to complete some team challenges and get our crazy on :) --> Register and Join Team NovoSocials

The Gish team will provide us with Challenges or Items to complete. Submit pictures and videos as evidence of your accomplishments. Great submissions will be rewarded with points, prizes, or even a vacation of a lifetime for the winners of the annual Hunt. That’s it. Your fate is sealed. Kiss normalcy goodbye. It’s time to become the champion your mom always said you could be.