Garb 'n Grub Gathering - Jamaican Night! 🇯🇲

This is a past event

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Wah gwaan!

What is a Garb n' Grub gathering I hear you say? Well here's a break down..

Garb - clothing, especially of a distinctive or special kind

Grub - food, as in 'let's go get some grub'

So make it absolutely clear for me, what is this gathering you speak of? You guessed it this event will be a meal wearing clothing of a special kind!

That's right, dress up is compulsory and we are going Jamaican! So think Rasta, reggae, green, yellow, red, black, dreadlocks.....whatever takes your fancy.

This event is about fun not a competition so your outfit can be as simple or over the top as you wish.. Just make it Jamaican inspired!

A fun social evening to meet new friends with a great chance to maybe get out of your comfort zone and a few cool selfies.

We have limited numbers as we have booked with the venue, please only RSVP if you are sure you can attend.

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