• Dark Stories Presents - The Female of The Species Interactive Theatre

    **Please Note - your RSVP on this page is not your ticket to the event. Please click on the link below to purchase your ticket. Tickets are $45pp https://darkstories.com.au/female-of-the-species-newcastle/ And when booking please remember to select Sat 20/07/2019 6:00pm. Otherwise there is a discounted ticket on Cudo https://cudo.com.au/activities/deal/sydney-true-crime-tour-newcastle-theatre-event-ghost--0060I00000cpgDlQAI Please select the option 60 Minute True Crime Theatre Event (Newcastle-Kotara). Note** This is for new customers only** Female of the Species A 'Confessions of a Serial Killer' Episode A priest, a secret covenant, a murder, a crime scene set in an insane asylum and a young woman wrongly accused of murder or desperately in need of help? Three inmates all with motive and opportunity to commit murder agree to a pact that will allow a group of strangers to pass judgement on whom they believe to be the guilty party. Meet the inmates, learn their story, pay attention to the clues and pass judgement. Will you uncover the murderer? And what will be the consequences? Bookings Essential - 3 Nights Only Parental guidance is recommended for children under 12 years of age. The tour will still run in rain, however, will cancel the tour for extreme weather events. The tour covers a leisurely 2km loop. The walking only requires a basic level of fitness.

  • The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever 2019 Flash Mob

    King Edward Park

    Inspired by Kate Bush’s Wuthering Heights we’ll be joining in a flash mob at King Edward Park to recreate the dance. Whether you’ve got rhythm or can’t tap your foot in time, come along and join in the fun. Men and children - you’re welcome too. This event is now held around the world and last year there were over 100 people dancing in the park (yes, even guys donning a wig), so you won’t be dancing alone. We’ll meet at 11am with greetings, a practice of the moves, a couple of run throughs, then the ‘real’ dance to Wuthering Heights. From 11:30am - time to socialise and toast our success. Please feel free to leave whenever. Please wear red and a black belt if possible and bring water. Here’s the instructional video https://youtu.be/hhtQBWUbREE Or want to see the original music video https://youtu.be/BW3gKKiTvjs

  • Ten Year Anniversary of Newcastle Laughter Club 😆😁

    Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha!! 😂🤣 Laugh yourself silly and get an ab workout with laughter club (aka laughter yoga). Please don’t bring yoga mats or any other equipment, just your sense of fun as we create scenarios to get us laughing. We will be having a celebratory picnic afterwards, so bring something to share if you’d like to stick around. Please also bring water or other drinks. Children are welcome as it’s open to all ages.

  • Jazz By The Fire at The Star Hotel

    Star Hotel

    Let’s make the most of cold nights of winter ❄️ and enjoy some (optional) mulled wine 🍷, beer and food while listening to jazz by the fire 🔥 https://www.facebook.com/events/1050937101962691/?ti=icl

  • Garb 'n Grub Gathering - Jamaican Night! 🇯🇲

    Winnie’s Jamaican @ Finnegan’s Hotel

    Wah gwaan! What is a Garb n' Grub gathering I hear you say? Well here's a break down.. Garb - clothing, especially of a distinctive or special kind Grub - food, as in 'let's go get some grub' So make it absolutely clear for me, what is this gathering you speak of? You guessed it this event will be a meal wearing clothing of a special kind! That's right, dress up is compulsory and we are going Jamaican! So think Rasta, reggae, green, yellow, red, black, dreadlocks.....whatever takes your fancy. This event is about fun not a competition so your outfit can be as simple or over the top as you wish.. Just make it Jamaican inspired! A fun social evening to meet new friends with a great chance to maybe get out of your comfort zone and a few cool selfies. We have limited numbers as we have booked with the venue, please only RSVP if you are sure you can attend. Likkle More!

  • Dark Stories Crime Tour - TICKETS SOLD OUT

    Customs House, Watt St

    Tickets have sold out for this event. Take a Walk on the Dark Side! Retrace the steps of Newcastle's most infamous criminals taking a leisurely 2km tour around the oldest and most historic areas whilst learning about the true crime stories from the dark past. How much does it cost? Tours cost $34.00 per adult and $16 for children. Where do I need to pay and book? (RSVP does not reserve your ticket) Please go to the below site and book ticket for Newcastle Saturday April 13th https://darkstories.com.au/newcastle/ Where will we meet? Meet at corner of Watt St and Scott St adjacent Customs House Lumberyard at 7:15pm What else do i need to know? See FAQ https://darkstories.com.au/faq/

  • Let's Make a 80's Mockup Music Video!

    Dixon Park Surf Life Saving Club

    This will be our fourth "Mock-up Music Video" production, we mime badly, we dance badly and have a lot of laughs in the process! This time round we are going back to the 80's, we are talking tracksuits, shoulder pads, denom, leather and perms. Our music choice for the day is the hip hop super group the Beastie Boys with one of their best known hits '(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party!)' https://youtu.be/eBShN8qT4lk This film clip is all about the party so we will attempt to recreate the video scene for scene.. best part no dance moves to learn in this one just a whole lot of bad acting :) We will bring the camera equipment and script, all you need is to do is wear something totally 80's, bring along some crazy.. Ready, Set, Action!!! Soooo this is the list of what we are on the lookout for. Please comment below if you are interested in certain character or multiple or can help to bring a prop or even better a location suggestion.. We will change up the video to whatever we get get.. we have the cream pies covered :) Actors - These are the starring roles :) *Nerdy Boys x 2 button up shirts with bow ties and thick glasses with tape - C'mon we need some inner nerds!! Guys or girls! :) Troy & Moiz *Beastie Boys - The main act with outfits as close as possible please :) 1. White FILA shirt and denim coat with leather fedora hat, shades and gold chains -> Michelle 2. Red sports logo shirt with red baseball hat - AVAILABLE 3. Leather jacket with plain white shirt and blue jeans AVAILABLE Everyone else - a bit of everything and background shots *Intellectual people (Regular clothing plain white and black) AVAILABLE *Bad people (Leather Jackets, shades, etc)- Cheryl L, Kim, AVAILABLE Other characters - short bit parts! AVAILABLE TO ANYONE *Parents x 2 - Only shown at start and end so someone could where grey wigs and older people clothes .. and play other character otherwise *Kissing couple - A couple willing to kiss on camera.. oooh waaah! *Butt model for the opposite or same sex to ogle whilst walking past! *Eye patch guy - easiest costume ever! *Neighbour wearing dressing gown - As long as happy to get cream on it! PROPS - What we have! Old Couch - Troy + Michelle GOT THIS! Old phone handset - Troy + Michelle GOT THIS! Spanish fly alcohol bottle - Karen Abbot GOT THIS Torn white shirt, boxers, lipstick kiss marks (Nerd coming out of bathroom) - Michelle will grab old shirt from Op Shop Chips and pretzels - Troy GOT THIS! Shaggy Dog - Carolyn GOT THIS! Round table - Karen Abbot - GOT THIS! Ornament - Karen Abbot - GETTING THIS! science magazine (set fire?!?) Michelle - GOT THIS! Stereo with smoke coming out behind it - Troy got an idea Guy hits old TV with hammer - Michelle got an idea Old guitar (To Smash)- Cheryl L on Lookout, maybe toy guitar? Cream Pies (Lots) - Troy + Michelle GOT THIS! Bowl of punch (Dry ice) - Anyone got a good recipe? PROPS - What we still need! Pot plant and old rug - Anyone got something they can bring? See the full script via link below https://1drv.ms/w/s!AlYcrCJKHokZlSdT1AdsZtYSRedh Check out some of our previous mockup music video attempts below #1 Bruno Mars - Uptown Funk https://youtu.be/9ykGIc-RLiM #2 Justin Timberlake - Can't Stop the Feeling https://youtu.be/ZAM5KkZOljA #3 Bollywood - Kala Chasma https://youtu.be/44FkLgzkAGU

  • How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse - Newcastle Fringe Festival

    Please click on the link below to buy your tickets. Your rsvp on here is Not your ticket. Ticket prices are $20 per person. https://www.stickytickets.com.au/82379/how_to_survive_a_zombie_apocalypse.aspx Coming to Newcastle Fringe Festival this year Dark Stories Crime Tours are bringing this interactive theatre show to town. How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse presented by special arrangement with Funcast Ltd. This is the multi-award-winning, sellout spoof seminar from the School of Survival that teaches you everything you need to know to thrive and survive when the Dead revive … Through simulations, discussions and demonstrations, four elite members of the School of Survival take the audience through an interactive seminar. Not only to teach them to survive. But also to test them by whittling them down to discover who in the auditorium will be the Ultimate Survivor. Brain Destruction Guaranteed

  • Listen to the Music - One Song Sing

    The Station Cafe - The Station

    ONE HOUR, ONE SONG*, SUNG, 10 BUCKS. Community Group One Song Sing meet monthly to get people singing together because of the inherent social and health benefits that arise from that activity. No obligations. No commitments. No practices. There will be a warm up song. Parts for the one song sung are learned, rehearsed and filmed all within an hour (ish). The Doobie Brothers wrote Listen to the Music as an anthem for positive change. We use this special, weather-dependent One Song Sing to honour the good work of Renew Newcastle. They have done so much to create wonderful 'music' in our city, out of what could have just been rubble. We'll belt out LISTEN TO THE MUSIC!!! to farewell Renew Newcastle at the old Newcastle Station with vim and vigour. The platform will be ours to sing, weather gods willing. Pay at event only, further details on One Song Sings event page https://www.facebook.com/events/378406902991735/