• Conga Flash Mob 💃🕺🏻🎶

    Westfield Kotara

    We need your help and your conga skills. This Sunday 25 August our friend and local musician, Daniel Arvidson is creating a music video with a twist. He has been given permission to host the video as a flash mob at Westfield Kotara. So the twist with this flash mob is all you need to know is how to repeat a tune and how to conga.... that’s right we will be a singing conga line that keeps gathering people as we conga through the centre. We’re asking if any peeps would like to join us in the dance as Dan promotes his singing nights, Dan and the Collective Jam. So no costumes, nothing to learn, just a willingness to have some fun 🤩 Here’s a clip of the song we’ll be singing and dancing to https://soundcloud.com/troy-sullivan-466357544/daniel-arvidson-i-love-you

  • Jazz By The Fire at The Star Hotel

    Star Hotel

    Let’s make the most of cold nights of winter ❄️ and enjoy some (optional) mulled wine 🍷, beer and food while listening to some smooth and funky jazz by the fire 🔥 https://www.facebook.com/events/2062306950563783/?ti=icl

  • GISH - Greatest Scavenger Hunt in the World!

    Civic Park

    And here is where the inspiration for the groups crazy events started! Welcome to the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt. It's the thrilling break from normal you’ve always needed. Join players in over 100 countries. The Gish team will provide us with Challenges or Items to complete. Submit pictures and videos as evidence of your accomplishments. Great submissions will be rewarded with points, prizes, or even a vacation of a lifetime for the winners of the annual Hunt. That’s it. Your fate is sealed. Kiss normalcy goodbye. It’s time to become the champion your mom always said you could be. We’ll meet at Civic Park between 9:45-10am if anyone wants to grab a coffee. The olive tree markets will be on so we’ll grab something from there and meet near the fountain. The list 📜🤓: At Civic Park 86. Summer refreshment Gish ad 184. Teammate catching great 204. Pillow fort 135. Elderly retired aliens 👽 113. Primitive, collective howl Art Gallery 207. Human Statue Newcastle Library 206. Silent interpretive dance of a classic book Newcastle Museum 125. Space pirates Wickham Exchange 194. Demon handing out positive messages Marketown or Westfield 208. 3 zombies playing tag (Bonus round - B205 Moiz dressed as Spider-Man pushing shopping trolleys 😆) If there’s any time left we might attempt 134. 30 second horror video, and bonus round - serenade strangers, marching to a snare drum through a shopping centre and meditating in a busy area for 2 mins. Yikes!! What a list!

  • The Deranged Scientist Escape Room @ Unexpected Exit

    Unexpected Exit


    Professor Skoda has finally been captured – the mad genius behind the deadly outbreak of Virus X. In just under 100 days the virus has claimed millions of lives across the globe, with a cure still yet to be found. With the location of the Professor’s lab now known, your team has been selected to search the lab for the antidote. When your team arrives and enters the dimly lit room, the door closes and locks behind you. A plume of gas fills the air and a taunting note from the professor reads – “Enjoy your last 50 minutes on Earth…” This room is an excellent starting point for those new to escape rooms or an enjoyable challenge for the more experienced. It’s $30 per person payable on the day WHAT IS AN ESCAPE ROOM? An Escape Room is a real life interactive team game for 2-15 players (depending on room selection) where the ultimate aim is to exit one of our specially designed rooms in 50 minutes or less. To do that you will need to work together to solve a series of puzzles, discover codes and find keys all within an allotted time. Your logic, lateral thinking and ingenuity will be put to the test in order to complete the set objectives and earn your key to freedom. Escape rooms are designed to be an inclusive activity, hence they require no special skills or tools. Unexpected Exit have four rooms to choose from. Each of these will provide players with a range of challenges set within unique stories.

  • Dark Stories Presents - The Female of The Species Interactive Theatre

    **Please Note - your RSVP on this page is not your ticket to the event. Please click on the link below to purchase your ticket. Tickets are $45pp https://darkstories.com.au/female-of-the-species-newcastle/ And when booking please remember to select Sat 20/07/2019 6:00pm. Otherwise there is a discounted ticket on Cudo https://cudo.com.au/activities/deal/sydney-true-crime-tour-newcastle-theatre-event-ghost--0060I00000cpgDlQAI Please select the option 60 Minute True Crime Theatre Event (Newcastle-Kotara). Note** This is for new customers only** Female of the Species A 'Confessions of a Serial Killer' Episode A priest, a secret covenant, a murder, a crime scene set in an insane asylum and a young woman wrongly accused of murder or desperately in need of help? Three inmates all with motive and opportunity to commit murder agree to a pact that will allow a group of strangers to pass judgement on whom they believe to be the guilty party. Meet the inmates, learn their story, pay attention to the clues and pass judgement. Will you uncover the murderer? And what will be the consequences? Bookings Essential - 3 Nights Only Parental guidance is recommended for children under 12 years of age. The tour will still run in rain, however, will cancel the tour for extreme weather events. The tour covers a leisurely 2km loop. The walking only requires a basic level of fitness.

  • The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever 2019 Flash Mob

    King Edward Park

    Inspired by Kate Bush’s Wuthering Heights we’ll be joining in a flash mob at King Edward Park to recreate the dance. Whether you’ve got rhythm or can’t tap your foot in time, come along and join in the fun. Men and children - you’re welcome too. This event is now held around the world and last year there were over 100 people dancing in the park (yes, even guys donning a wig), so you won’t be dancing alone. We’ll meet at 11am with greetings, a practice of the moves, a couple of run throughs, then the ‘real’ dance to Wuthering Heights. From 11:30am - time to socialise and toast our success. Please feel free to leave whenever. Please wear red and a black belt if possible and bring water. Here’s the instructional video https://youtu.be/hhtQBWUbREE Or want to see the original music video https://youtu.be/BW3gKKiTvjs

  • Ten Year Anniversary of Newcastle Laughter Club 😆😁

    Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha!! 😂🤣 Laugh yourself silly and get an ab workout with laughter club (aka laughter yoga). Please don’t bring yoga mats or any other equipment, just your sense of fun as we create scenarios to get us laughing. We will be having a celebratory picnic afterwards, so bring something to share if you’d like to stick around. Please also bring water or other drinks. Children are welcome as it’s open to all ages.

  • Jazz By The Fire at The Star Hotel

    Star Hotel

    Let’s make the most of cold nights of winter ❄️ and enjoy some (optional) mulled wine 🍷, beer and food while listening to jazz by the fire 🔥 https://www.facebook.com/events/1050937101962691/?ti=icl

  • Garb 'n Grub Gathering - Jamaican Night! 🇯🇲

    Winnie’s Jamaican @ Finnegan’s Hotel

    Wah gwaan! What is a Garb n' Grub gathering I hear you say? Well here's a break down.. Garb - clothing, especially of a distinctive or special kind Grub - food, as in 'let's go get some grub' So make it absolutely clear for me, what is this gathering you speak of? You guessed it this event will be a meal wearing clothing of a special kind! That's right, dress up is compulsory and we are going Jamaican! So think Rasta, reggae, green, yellow, red, black, dreadlocks.....whatever takes your fancy. This event is about fun not a competition so your outfit can be as simple or over the top as you wish.. Just make it Jamaican inspired! A fun social evening to meet new friends with a great chance to maybe get out of your comfort zone and a few cool selfies. We have limited numbers as we have booked with the venue, please only RSVP if you are sure you can attend. Likkle More!

  • Dark Stories Crime Tour - TICKETS SOLD OUT

    Customs House, Watt St

    Tickets have sold out for this event. Take a Walk on the Dark Side! Retrace the steps of Newcastle's most infamous criminals taking a leisurely 2km tour around the oldest and most historic areas whilst learning about the true crime stories from the dark past. How much does it cost? Tours cost $34.00 per adult and $16 for children. Where do I need to pay and book? (RSVP does not reserve your ticket) Please go to the below site and book ticket for Newcastle Saturday April 13th https://darkstories.com.au/newcastle/ Where will we meet? Meet at corner of Watt St and Scott St adjacent Customs House Lumberyard at 7:15pm What else do i need to know? See FAQ https://darkstories.com.au/faq/