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Now Perform! Join us as we learn and practice empowering, performance enhancing skills. Our members are striving to reach their full potential in business, career, arts, athletics, public performance, personal growth, public speaking, relationships and more. Each meeting provides an opportunity to learn and practice a skill, and each member chooses a specific way to apply this skill in their life. If there is even one small area of your life where you have not yet reached your full potential, this group can benefit you. People in this group eventually become effective goal-setters and regularly experience the satisfaction of achieving their personal goals. How do we accomplish this? - We create a positive, respectful environment. - We look for the best in one another. - We bring out the best in one another. - We follow proven, scientific, performance-focused methods Although this group is led by a therapist/life coach, it is NOT group psychotherapy. This is NOT a business networking group, and the leader will never give you a sales pitch. This is a self-help and self-empowerment group. Members get out of the group what they put into it. If you provide the "want-to," we will provide the "how." Now Perform!

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