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A group of Adult-Only (18+), Male-Only Crossdressers & Admirers who are also Nudist/Naturists. This Group serves Men who live in Greater Manchester, NH & Greater Lowell, MA areas, Southern & Seacoast NH, and Greater I495, who wish to meet up and Dress Up, or just hang nude. An "Admirer" is a man not into Crossdressing, but who admires & supports those that do, and enjoys seeing men in sexy feminine clothes & undergarments, and who would also enjoy Undressing them later. ;-) We will have a variety of men-only social events, in the area OUTSIDE of, & North / West of Greater Boston. Men from All locations of New England are Welcome.

Come in Feminine Clothes, or sexy / erotic undies, or Nothing. Despite the Theme, this is NOT a "Clothing Optional" Group. We will all end up Nude, and enjoying each other's nude company.

Membership is limited to Males Only, Adults Only (18+; no alcohol served to Under 21), of All Ages, who identify as Gay, Bi, Questioning, Curious, or Str8 but open-minded, who enjoy Dressing Up, or enjoy Undressing, and who enjoy Male Nudity, Male Sensual and Sexual contact. Men who do NOT support Crossdressing, and Male-Male sensual/sexual touch will be Banned.

Non-discriminatory. Judgement-Free. Smoke-free. Free of Illegal Drugs (dependent on location of events in MA or NH, and State Laws). Loving and Caring. Bare hugs most welcome! Total Acceptance of Femme Self, Bare Self and Femme / Bare Others, in Love. Members also welcome from outside the Events Area.

All Events are for Men-Only. Events will be Outside of Boston, within 30 miles of Greater Manchester, NH, Greater Lowell, MA and Southern & Seacoast NH, and along the I495 Corridor.

This is NOT a "Clothing Optional" Group, though most of us will start out Clothed. All attendees are Expected to end up Nude by the end of the Social Time. The Host can make exceptions for "newbies" or men with medical issues.

Events of a sensual nature, or having a sexual component, are included, but this is NOT a "sex group". All events are SOCIAL first. With the Host's Permission, an event MAY have a sensual / sexual "After Party" . Most events DO have a sensual / sexual "After Party". Participation in the "After Party" is always OPTIONAL: you can Leave, Stay & Watch, Stay & Solo, or Stay & Play.

Co-Organizers, and Co-Hosts needed & Welcomed!

Cooperating with other New England Regional Nudist / Naturist groups of all persuasions, to foster Nudism / Naturism in New England. Events of other Nudist / Naturist Groups within Our Area to be cross-listed.

Feel free to schedule events if you can host. Share your get-together ideas. Help this Group to grow and thrive in Nude Male Crossdressing Fellowship & Love.


Bare bear hugs from the Organizers & Hosts.

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