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Cesar Chavez founded a group that advocates for the rights of farm workers, acting to increase wages and improve the working conditions and safety of farm workers. He also organized strikes (when workers refuse to work until improved working conditions and salary demands are met) and nation-wide boycotts of agricultural products in order to help workers (a boycott is a protest in which the public is asked not to buy certain products). Chavez went on many hunger strikes, refusing to eat until violence against strikers ended and until legislators (law makers) voted to make laws improving the lives of farm workers. He was also jailed many times during his fight against terrible migrant worker conditions.

Movie starts at 4:40PM, so please arrive at 4:00 PM so we can buy the tickets and go out for drinks before the start of the movie. After watching the movie, we will then go to a nearby restaurant to eat. I will keep everyone posted exactly where we plan on drinking and eating.

If you want to buy your ticket online, below is the web link

Please bring cash to facilitate bill payment. Paying in cash will make payments easy.

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