Open Capture the Flag (CTF) Day

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Null Space Labs

2522 N Ontario St · Burbank, ca

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Open Capture the Flag (CTF) Day

Abstract: Participate with an experienced group of hackers in a "Capture the Flag" (CTF) competition. In a CTF, you attempt to solve a technical hacking problem from a variety of categories: software exploitation, web hacking, system penetration, networking, forensics, cryptography, and more! The goal is to find the "flag" - a hidden string of words contained in the challenge. Find the flag, get points! You're sure to learn something along the way.

We will be working on the 0CTF competition sponsored by 0ops and Tencent EEE. CTF details:

Please note: If this CTF is too challenging for beginners, we also have a number of beginner CTFs that we can work on.

What to Bring:
* A laptop to hack with.

* There are no specific prerequisites for this class. Any previous experience with hacking, programming, and computer security will be extremely helpful.


What does the class cost?

This event is free, but we accept donations online and in-person. Please donate if you'd like to help support the space and see more of these events in the future!


Where do I park? / How do I get inside?

Parking: There is free street parking on N Ontario St. It is usually easy to find a spot after business hours or on weekends.

Getting inside: Once you park, head down the walkway, we are the long building in the back (see link for overhead directions)

Parking and entry images: