What we're about

This is a group for people who want to build an alternative society which is the antithesis of the corrupt, broken, and unfair capitalist socioeconomic system we are all enslaved to today. Dare to dream that a civilization where all people do a modest amount of work to provide for the needs of everyone, and one where they enjoy much more leisure time with friends and family, is entirely possible. In such a society people don't do grueling work, aren't saddled with huge amounts of debt, and aren't forced to poison themselves with cheap unhealthy food because of their poverty, and don't have to work until they drop dead, all the time praying that they don't get sick due to the enormous cost of healthcare which they can't afford.

The Nutopia Project is a vision for a blueprint for a new system to solve all the many problems we face today, and built with environmental protection and sustainability as core principles. We intend to build a small pilot project as a proof of concept to demonstrate that a new way of living (which isn't based on capitalism, communism, or socialism) is possible, and once people can see it, more will want it, and we will mobilize millions of ordinary people to start replicating it all around the world.

There is much to do to make the Nutopia Project a reality. We welcome all people from all walks of life with a diverse set of skills to brainstorm and help with the work needed to make this dream become a reality. Please join us.


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