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I'd like to do a followup on the Epic Games day I hosted on the 24th.

The idea behind Epic Games is to play those longer, more fiddly games that are difficult to bring to a bar for the regular meetup. I have space for at LEAST two large, concurrent games, possibly 3.

One change I'd like to do from last time is to have at least a couple games with players confirmed before the session, so we can get started quickly, and people know what they are getting into. I'd also like to avoid a lot of last minute cancellations, and I feel if people know what they are playing then they are more likely honor their commitment to show up.

If you RSVP this please list your top 3 game choices, in order, in the comments. In addition, if there is an epic game you'd like to bring you can mention it (BSG, TI, etc) and I'll consider adding it to the list.

Current Epic Games Proposed:
Mage Knight (up to 6 players)
Star Trek Fleet Captains (up to 6 players)
Eclipse (up to 9 players)

Other options:
Le Havre (up to 5 players)
Android (up to 5 players)
Brass (up to 4 players)
Merchants and Marauders

As we played Android and Agricola last time, I'd really love to see if we could get people interested in playing/learning Mage Knight or one of the other 2 I listed.