Canceled Meetup

Nyeek Hangs Out With Team Awesome: A Meetup Mashup Made of Beer and Board Games


So in my attempt to have both a regular Brooklyn game night and Tuesday game night I've wandered into the warm clutches of Team Awesome ( With the help and blessing of James the organizer ( (great name for a board game night host) we will be experimenting with a Meetup mashup.

Keep in mind that with all our Meetups in bars or restaurants it is is essential that you purchase from the establishment kind enough to host us.

I will be updating the RSVP list to reflect the RSVPs listed for Team Awesome. More than other Meetups I would like people coming to make a point of RSVPing though not strictly necessary.

Here's the listing for on Team Awesome's Meetup.

"We will be meeting up every month to drink beer, play games, eat bratwurst, and have a great time! I'll bring a some of mine , from simple card games like Walk the plank, to more complex games like Betrayal on house on the hill. Feel free to bring your favorites.

Since Pacific Standard is allowing us to host here, please make it worth their while and drink some beers or mixed drinks. If I notice someone not or not tipping you will not be allowed to come back.

The Pacific Standard always have great beers on tap (usually from CA) and you can view a list of what they have on tap on their blog. "